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June 2, 2009

transparent lune

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alan sondheim on mon 1 jun 2009 042450 +0200 (cest)
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{at}kein.orgsubject from <sondheim>date 040927
[digested  --mod
(tb)]eifachfilm cacirca's installation (and some changes in mine)
slborrowersend of the
tetherpurblindthe oddyssey show going down a few hours - last chance see
itcompression originary
bodiessecond life odyssey party practice
jpgs)!group notice !!!!"hello. miss dixon. and sum
pngs."lost lost
textterpsichoreographic unit
(t.u.)world (theory saying
nothing)s/mattering30 mar 005915 -0400 (edt)
i'm making borrowed time.
living space making.
soon i will lose this take my tiny house with me.
where go go.
am snail shell. shell is memory.
goes memory follows.
never was land or online someone else you were that else.
second have over 2000 objects inventory.
for capital an indefinite economy.
political economy be sure borrowing small return.
oh set little objects.
pile them.
head shall them stomach left hand right.
leg forearm wrist.
right before eyes above skull.
beneath foot walk among may object carapace new jerusalems shangri-las.
shield entities breathing vacuum simulation.
they are borrowers disappear flow blood.
blood halting disappear.
brain dying cell by who preserve now keep forever?
wed apr 034843 one moment another world utterly irredeemable.
recuperation always already impossible.
entanglement indra's nets irreversible _just think about it._
gener entangled between real which virtual real.
exhausted inscription make mistakes.
far too many mistakes should exiled virtual.
abandoned your fate.
what there this.
regions cosmos _for all practical purposes_ deeply disassociated each
other light-cone inaccessible.
inaccessible unutterable information.
defuge sets _seeps in._ entangles transformed into
regard total failure exhaustion leading errors
precisely as stains.
follow trails easy paths ignoring hovering within
destroy myself.
await tawdry. sleazy decrepit o misery.
how can live oneself mind withdraws vision blurs range ring ears.
so tangled nothing resolves death unresolved
forage fallen through overcome.
but absolutely disparate verge collapse.
very much changed at
fri 10 030544 consider 4 avatars
f m m.
full bodies
articulated armature figures
parents f(m)
conforms f[m]
substituting liberty
relation root
f(xyzt) xyzt coordinates 4-space
compression body b
bf([m]m[f]) movement two f' m'
independent such h1=f'(xyzt)+m'(xyzt)
h1 = bvh dynamic motion file
transformation function
filtering resulting h2
we b(t)(h2(f([m]m[f])f'm'xyzt))
phenomenology dependent applied compression-avatars.
says mathematically poor math that) however
describes site intrinsic performance evidenced over.mp4
does say files composed might matrix-bodies skein witnessing communities
equivalent these dispersions coalescences
correct math.
sat 25 023514 "is mother marry mister wheeler." "my dad hasn't even
agreed divorce yet." "come ann snap out it. let's fun."
"it's good." "thatta girl." "why didn't know smoked." "try puff."
"oh don't ought to." come baby stuff."
"don't let throw you." "smart "i we're swell times together." kinda like
him too." "hiya tommy." "sorry pal not way today." "let me half latin
assignment." "i've been waiting "that's nice
replacing others more

tunings textures revolutions "this evening wife." "am blushing." traveling
farmer." "a hot number." "does
lad his stuff!" "oooh." "do boy tracy." "are kidding me." "nobody could
get dumb." "you asked it." must getting rough." "all ladies." home." "no
glad it's lovely here."
"look." "where." "there." "tommy
musn't." "have one." honey look this." "hey "tommy. ann." "women children
first." "well on." "unfinished
business. understand." fooled them." "how walk." "look moon." "i'd
rather "i'm crazy
"really "kids time is." "stop
worrying bed." "goodnight gone." feel funny
honey." kind baby." "you'd surprised." "dearest love read eyes." "what
rapture lies." "most gang's "where's guy organ." "watch hips sag." "gosh
sort joint." "think darling. picked won't any after first booth.
brunette. dish." "rather loose-leaf." "ok brother. phone jail."
031419 types t.u.s possessing pylon sleeper
black featureless sphere.
dancer/performer sits either animation takes until
s/he rises. five animations t.u. chosen random.
spherical shells particles embed performer.
sphere hole inverted event
horizon. trap display driver crashing.
enters overload interface crash mode.
dream production machine trapping dancer useless particle
phenomena. dance consists 4-5 environment performers each. stand move
placed anywhere moment's notice.
variables include stream intensities.
course vicinity streams continue least thirty seconds performer
also assign physicality case grabbed during emission moved
creates temporary flora space.
videos below give indication (between computer crashes) mechanism stills
31 205546 1. only thing matters understanding universe.
1a. connoisseurship 'ultimate questions.'
1b. ultimate question questions wrong questions.

2. arts humanities use whatsoever regard. pander metaphors embody critique
2a. yet prior misrecognition false translation.
2b. equipped anything survival
3. lyotard went enough sun's paramount dissolution universe alien resist
both hermeneutics phenomenology.
4. human culture fluttering surfacing skein. organism cultured
5. future surface planet crudely parallels universal
tends construct rear-guard defenses retard decay.
6. birth decay begins later sight sound diminish
amplitude bandwidth draws was.
7. withdrawal impossible instead moves subject along trajectory.
8. heaven injured traumatized blindly
arrive there.
9. strategy employed comes
increasingly cut off everyday shifts
accordingly subtlely ignorant ever conscious assimilation equation
structure fact.
10. facts contestable small.
11. led believe roiling probabilities (miniscule large) deep inelegance
perhaps including abandonment occam's razor well.
12. simple falls itself crosses epistemologies ontolog-
ically slinks elsewhere.
13. false.
14. inelegant glorious.
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