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June 6, 2009

June 12th Performance Event At Subtle Technologies!

"This is the press release for Friday's June 12th's event. For those that
can't attend the symposium in standard shape and form; there will be a
video-slip-stream into Second Life. The SLURL for Subtle Technologies/OCAD
Island in Second Life is at unfortunately, to
preserve bandwidth, we won't stream the performances."


Friday June the 12th at 8pm at the Innis Town Hall at 2 Sussex Ave on
Toronto the University of Toronto campus

The Subtle Technologies Festival is proud to present an evening of
networked performance featuring:

The Pauline Oliveros/Ione/Chris Chafe trio - in a networked
performance between Innis Hall and The Banff Center
Alan Sondheim - will be performing on stage, t?te-?-t?te, through
Second Life with his Austria situated counterpart Sandy Baldwin.
Second Front -Scott Kildall and Patrick Lichty will have an on stage
face off with their Second Front performance troop to present a new
piece for the denizen's of Second Life, 'Red White and Blue Dawn'
Jeremy Bailey - in demo/performance mode, presenting his new mockware
'War Mail'
Johannes Birringer - will screen an excerpt from his new performance
peice Ukiyo - Movable World
the evening is curated by Willy Le Maitre

The Pauline Oliveros / Ione / Chris Chafe trio
Pioneers in extended forms of American New Music; their performance
explores musical spaces often across physical spaces. Blending music
and spoken word improvisation, the festival performance links stages
in Toronto and Banff. The three have been developing artistic
practice within the telematic medium collectively.

Pauline Oliveros, composer, performer and humanitarian is an
important pioneer in American Music. Acclaimed internationally, for
four decades she has explored sound -- forging new ground for herself
and others.Deep Listening, her lifetime practice, is fundamental to
her composing, performing and teaching. She serves as Distinguished
Research Professor of Music at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy
NY; Darius Milhaud Artist-in-residence at Mills College, Oakland CA;
and president of the Deep Listening Institute in Kingston NY.
Chris Chafe is a composer, cellist, music researcher with an interest
in computer music composition and interactive performance. He has
been a long-term denizen of the Center for Computer Research in Music
and Acoustics, Stanford University, where he directs the centre and
teaches computer music courses. Chafe developed the Jack Trip
software which has enabled an exploration in near realtime telematic
music. Using a fast network the open source software facilitates an
eight channel Cd quality audio link where bi-costal delays are around
400 milliseconds.
IONE is an author, playwright and director, & spoken word performer,
whose seminal work, Pride of Family; Four Generations of American
Women of Color, (a New York Times Notable Book) was published in a
classic edition by Doubleday/Broadway Books. (October 2004). Ione is
also the Artistic Director of Deep Listening Institute, Ltd.

Alan Sondheim
Alan Sondheim and Sandy Baldwin performing in Second Life: Sandy and
I AvaTanz together which means we trigger objects to take us over,
splurge on the chat, maybe have some sound at work beyond the usual
click-clack, and work those altered mocap files at around 800 meters
transparent space. Usually stuff crashes; here, who knows? It's about
eroticism, memory of neighborhood, being-mess.

Second Front - performance of Red White and Blue Dawn
Second Front are a pioneering avatar performance group in Second
Life. They create theatres of the absurd that challenge notions of
virtual embodiment, online performance and the
formation of virtual narrative. Tactical art by the performance group
currently serving a Second Life sentence. Scott Kildall and Patrick
Lichty will be present in the flesh.

Jeremy Bailey - ~QWar Mail~R
a launch of War Mail by Demo-Performer Jeremy Bailey.
Bailey creates videos and performances that demonstrate satirical
software programs of his own design. His work has been described by
filmmaker magazine as ~Sa one man revolution on the way we use video,
computers and our bodies to create art~T.

Johannes Birringer - Ukiyo - Movable World
Johannes Birringer will present an excerpt from the choreographic
installation UKYIO, a collaboration between performers in the UK and
Tokyo. The performance blends audio, dance, and digital projections,
inviting the audience to shift its perspectives by moving among the
various elements as the work unfolds.

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