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June 7, 2009

clumped radiate music on the Toba hasapi

rough steady-beats with micro-events 'throwing things' off -
it's like a particle counter determined by mistakes, boredom, rhythm
changes: things appear against background radiation.

(as if the metaphor holds).

so that the sound/work is organized, not by melody/harmony/rhythm or
improvisation, but by _body twitches,_ derailed muscle-memory,
momentary fugue-states.

it's as if the listener were _inside-me,_ listening to the body in a
mode of production, likewise listening to the production itself, through
the body.

the hegelung playing is similar.

the problem with fretted/chromatic instruments: the second or third are
obdurate: march and waltz, mourn and yearn.

they slide on the hasapi, paralleling hegelung and anything that comes
to mind, but a problem with hearing the intervals: i'm constantly
correcting, not all that well indeed, but quickly, 'one way or another.'

but music organizing itself against a background of music organizing
itself in any case.

organizing through not unorganizing but a-organizing, it happens, it
murmurs within, the result of what's usually taken to be supplement,
diacritical noise, the curlicue.

never the same but always within the clumped radiate.

later i might say elsewise, some when, where, else, others.

as if we're talking and something 'just came to mind.'

or something 'just came to mind' between us, we're not sure who thought
of what, who had the first idea, the idea first.

or talking to oneself, the same; you're breathing, your breath seems to
stop for a moment, what might have appeared to be an event.

but always for a moment, then gone, then background maybe shaking a bit,
then dampening, then settling back in, perhaps the same or something
slightly different or something one might not remember, maybe not that
different, maybe so.

with Nick Rubenstein on French Horn: (hasapi, yayli tanbur, cura cumbus) (ukulele)

making singing hasapi through filtering over initial recording -

octave lowering
normalizing 99
reverberation vocal hall
hiss reduction standard
graphic equalization bass boost
echo meium hall
graphic equalization treble boost
normalizing 99
'i knew this was the sound i was after but not until it arrived'

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