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June 15, 2009

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From: Porter Records

Hi guys, here is a review by Thurston Moore form the rock band Sonic

3. For whatever reason, new jazz/improv disks have not been finding us as
regularly as they once did. Maybe we complained about the format too much,
and since no one apart from SIWA, QBICO, Eremite and a coupla other places
even understand that jazz should be available on LP, it�s usually no big
deal. But recent car travel has made CDs a somewhat more useful format (at
least in the short term), and we got these three new things from the
Porter Records label (previously noted for reissuing a few key
Philadelphia pieces), and figured they�d ride as well as anything. And
they did. Opus de Life by Profound Sound Trio which documents a show from
June �08. Saxophonist for the date is Englishman Paul Dunmall, who doubles
on bagpipes, and really blows like a maniac. Long mired in my brain as a
second tier freebopper, Dunmall presents a much weirder surface here than
expected, creating raw melodicism with an almost primitive grace. The
rhythm section is Andrew Cyrille and Henry Grimes (Cecil Taylor�s
legendary Blue Note-era backline). Cyrille sounds as good as
always�alternately multi-dimensional and hammy�and Grimes puts in a very
solid arco-heavy performance on bass and violin. Had not paid much
attention to the rediscovered Grimes, but his work here is fine. Julu
Twine by Alan Sondheim and Myk Freedman finds Sondheim�s various strings
(he�s been playing, writing and creating in various fields since the early
�60s) paired with Freedman�s lap steel to lovely weird effect. Tones get
bent so far they curl back on themselves, and eternity�s whistle is always
just a psychedelic heartbeat away. Sondheim�s reactivated musical career
has been very interesting to track, and this album�s a good one. Not jazz,
but good. Even less jazzic is Folkanization by Francesco Giannico. This
young Italian electro-acoustic composer in whose work we can hear tendrils
of everything from Luigi Nono to Toru Takemitsu. Filled with odd details,
the music is fascinating. Good for the car, anyway.

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