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June 23, 2009


nikuko says: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
saying of it.
nikuko says: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
hierarchy is used - to say much about it.
travel where, nikuko dojoji says, travel where indeed.
word i say. i smell.
a modern masterpiece. it has something to say to anyone who will read it.
jennifer says: oh, _the continuity girl,_ please talk, murmur to me...
jennifer says: the absolute is not death; it is the breaking of the past.
nikuko says, i am dead, killed, because you have said i am dead.
nikuko says: i am driving.
nikuko says, i am in my body.
nikuko says, i am marked.
i say, you are in your body because i say that you are in your body.
you say: we are inconceivably flat.
i say, you are nothing more than a marker.
you say: we are utterly flat.
i say this because of sleeplessness. i'm always on the verge of breakdown.
nikuko says, i beg the contrary.
nikuko says: every breaking is a death of past, present, future.
<avatar>: say something cylinder, i'm not talking to myself here.
go through, doctor. don't ask. don't tell. i won't say a word.
says 'i've been eating lots.
jennifer says: our exhaustion is always already broken.
this world is far too tired, it says.
nikuko says: space fills with presence, unnamed space.
they must be given something to say.
i will say goodbye to you now before the net collapses.
later that day he might say something on the hill.
talks. look inside he says. you can do it.
jennifer says: the invisible is always a veering.
nikuko says: the invisible pulls me towards the side like the wheel pulls.
jennifer says: it is coming low, you have to duck, it will hit you.
nikuko says: it is darker and darker, the darkness of black earth.
to love someone is knowing how to say you're sorry.
you say: space is never named.
nikuko says: it is thick darkness, darkness of suffocation.
no comment in julu or nikuko, they are given nothing to say.
a says == kill all religion. destroy all temple. destroy all holy city.
jennifer says: this land's familiar to me, there's no buffer here.
inhering characteristics of matter, let us say substance.
you say: you may call me jennifer. i am wandering here in this world.
nikuko says: there's no memory, buffer's always memory.
nikuko says: darkness of eyes torn out, ears hammered, amputation.
nikuko says: darkness of silence and lead, darkness of no speech.
nikuko says: i'm on the road, i'm traveling in a strange land.
nikuko changes the position of the commas, i say.
smaller work doesn't program say smaller business doesn't applications.
there's nothing to say about emptiness but nagarjuna says nothing anyway.
and nothing will say anything back.
different world than, say, an optimist would.
would have to say, not within _that_ interiority.
/you always repeat, says nikuko dojoji, and look what good it does you.
for the natyasastra says nothing about the drone.
i can't make sense of what you're saying.
jennifer says: always short-term, always there when you need it.
nikuko says: the sky is getting darker already, i can't see the road.
jewel of a space my bestest friend foofwa did say.
you'll look in the mirror and say hello world.
intrinsic, say, and the quality of its presence is extrinsic.
oscar levant says the trees know, however, each and every one.
someone must give them something to say.
chandler brossard says there's a reward out for being.
i can't keep this up, it says.
is no gainsaying this, no way to make headway, no events; there is voice.
here. i'm going to die here. i should be wrapping up here," she says.
tiffany says go to hell.
coding, by its very nature, is digital, that is to say, discrete.
i don't understand what you're saying.
i don't understand what you're trying to say.
   she says, "he will be thinking of far more things than i am thinking of.
some say later you were arrogant and rude.
i say to you: your death is my salvation.

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