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jun 1 and jun2

5-string dotar tuned e/a/a/dd

zigzag neutrons
wisdom and understanding
wavering of
shuddering of
the language

  10011 emptied

  10001 codices

  10010 thinking

  - matter and energy
  - separation
  - disappearance all the of
  /[z]+/ { flug "material through and through" }
  /[y]+/ { flug "jun levels and homeostatic entities" }
  /[x]+/ { flug "fundamental particles and biological neurons" }
  /[w]+/ { flug "what occurs at the limit" }
  /[v]+/ { flug "the jun is constructible" }
  /[u]+/ { flug "fluid mechanics of the mechanics of the jun" }
  /[t]+/ { flug "a world through every world" }
  /[s]+/ { flug "a sentence through every sentence" }
  /[r]+/ { flug "the nuj is atemporal and time is nuj" }
  /[q]+/ { flug "from substance to nuj and from nuj to jun" }
  /[p]+/ { flug "the technological substructure splays and leaks" }
  /[o]+/ { flug "technology is the substructure of the jun" }
  /[n]+/ { flug "the jun is simultaneously eternal and ephemeral" }
  /[m]+/ { flug "noise is parasitic enveloping the nuj" }
  /[l]+/ { flug "the jun and nuj chiasmus at the limit" }
  /[k]+/ { flug "inscribe in stone the nuj matrix" }
  /[j]+/ { flug "type is analogous to jun writing" }
  /[i]+/ { flug "the signature is analogous to the body" }
  /[h]+/ { flug "the differential calculus inheres within the jun" }
  /[g]+/ { flug "the integral calculus inheres within the nuj" }
  /[f]+/ { flug "form is extruded nuj" }
  /[e]+/ { flug "the real is infinite jun" }
  /[d]+/ { flug "the jun is always doubly-encoded" }
  /[c]+/ { flug "the nuj mapping is jun" }
  /[b]+/ { flug "the jun is always already a mapping" }
  /[a]+/ { flug "the jun is based on epistemology and uniformity" }
  /[0]+/ { flug "the nuj aligns with substance" }
  /^$/ { flug "nuj of the jun, jun of the nuj" }

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