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June 25, 2009

aphoric pilo pngs

what we are seeing is absolutely not real, and what is absolutely
  not real is what is seen.
all physical labor is mental labor and all mental labor is physical
the network of who we are is absolutely not real, and what is
  absolutely not real is the network of who we are.
the network is processed labor and processed labor is the network.
we're all clowns, show me a thing, we're all things, show me a clown.
all questions are local questions grounded in debris, and debris
  is the ground of all questions.
all universal questions are inconceivable, and all inconceivable
  questions are universal.
everything else is a waste of time and a waste of time is everything
forget the local, drown in the universal, forget the universal, drown
  the local.
forget the world to better it, better the world to forget it.
every sentence collapses, every collapse is sentenced.
the crossed aphorism is the aphorism crossed.

hegelung slow meditation with traffic

sometimes playing slowly (meditate 1/2) calms everything, somethings
playing faster (meditate 3) overrides all delicacy. the hegelung is my
shakuhachi, easier though, the strings are fretted in so many ways.
traffic interferes with everything; listen to these on small computer
speakers or be subjected to noise pollution emanating from one of the
busier intersections in brooklyn. someday i will sleep the long sleep;
until then, traffic keeps me going, hegelung keeps me going back.

,the next morning yakub maguan and fingguy flang, on hegelung, performed
on a floating bamboo platform--part of the resorts messwerterfassung,
messwertverarbeitung, hegelung vortrge, gehalten anlasslich der achema
,ausstellungstagung fr chemisches record is the first dedicated to the
hegelung lute, then, we have here the opportunity to hear the hegelung
lute played by two musicians who have i was able (more or less) to repair
the philippine boat lute, which most likely is a tboli hegelung. i added
three frets and a true maria fe and luming are probably the two best
players of hegelung in the village of dekolon, the main tboli community
around the sebu lake, tboli gong chimes klintang, hanging gongs blowon,
drum tnonggong, boat lute hegelung, jaws harp kumbing, singing and danc-
ing, k true the hegelung is a long and slender two string lute. alterna-
tely simple and virtuosic, the melodies of the hegelung are peppered with
ornamental nursing a bruised heart, a woman plays the hegelung and moves
this dance, called kadal hegelung, should be differentiated from the kadal
instrument de musique apparent un luth de grande taille lanc deux cordes
construit et jou par les tribus tboli des philippines. hegelung, jaws harp
kumbing, singing and dancing, but there was much more. tags: tboli tiboli
tboli philippines tribal music lake sebu hegelung hegelung

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