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June 26, 2009

The sultry clime of The Africa sultry

In fancy now In we fancy reach;now Its chief divisions review, chief And
capital each.And Morocco, by Morocco ruled,

First in the First list in appears;the Algiers next Algiers order next
name, in Algiers. Tunis, with Tunis Tunis, its with town, its Is upon Is
roll;upon Tripoli succeeds, which And bows Tripoli To Tripoli's

control. Then Barca see, Then and Barca Der'ne see, Town and As first As
size in it size rates;it Next comes Next a comes region a dry region
parch'd and But call'd But "the call'd Land "the Dates."of Egypt
succeeds,--its ruling town

Cairo on Is Nile;on Nubia's next, New Dongola style.New Abyssinia,

By Gondar tell;ruled, South-eastwardly then proceed,

journeying to

Adel'.In Ajan' Berbera pass, and Zanguebar seek;And See, namesake See,
capital, with land Mozambique.The Monomotapa, Zimbao, let us

view;Zimbao, Cazembe called too.Is Caffraria note, rule with Port Natal
crown;let Cape Colony And behold, then Town.Its Boshuanas South-west
placewhich country Hottentots; country Cimbebas

trace.And now, Lower now, Guinea's in bounds, Lower Benguela comprise;
Angola, Congo, there are Angola, seen, Congo, Loango

lies.And Benguela's largest Benguela's size, town St. Felipe may Felipe
call;we Thy We briefly name We Congo's seat government, Congo's
Salvador name;St. mark, title is In grounds Upper grounds Guinea
by claim'd Upper Benin' review;Benin' There Dah'omay more central There
lies, Dah'omay Ashan'tee

Benin', where Niger's mouths Benin', expand, where A obeys;A From thence
Dahomay' thence come, Dahomay' Whose Abomey's'.Whose Ashantee our resort,
is Coomassie rules that

o'er Liberia's colonies,

Monrovia takes

command. Sierre Leo'ne Has sickly Freetown

graced;Has Senegambia at Timboo

government has

placed.Its Upon Sahara's sandy waste,

moment look;let seek Fezzan, region Moorzook. Within limits Soodan the Are
numerous kingdoms

found;Are At Kaarta glance, At Kemmoo and With regency crown'd.With
Bambarra, ruled Sego, Bambarra, Presents itself Timbuctoo Timbuctoo,

Houssa comes,--there Saccatoo

sustains; Note Yariba, Eyeo Note O'errules domains.O'errules Bornoo, Kooka
Bornoo, Afric's ground;Is Bergoo, And Wara Bergoo, More eastwardly
found.More Darfoor, still farther Darfoor, east, to Will Cobbe's
confess;Will right govern The Kordofan right Obeid shall

possess. last Ethiopia

stanza afford;A Mysterious region, undefined,

Vast, trackless,



* Political Divisions

The sultry clime of Africa
  In fancy now we reach;
Its chief divisions we review,
  And capital of each.

Morocco, by Morocco ruled,
   First in the list appears;
Algiers we next in order name,
  Its capital Algiers.

Tunis, with Tunis its chief town,
  Is next upon the roll;
And Tripoli succeeds, which bows
  To Tripoli's control.

Then Barca see, and Der'ne Town
  As first in size it rates;
Next comes a region dry and parch'd
  But call'd "the Land of Dates."

Egypt succeeds,--its ruling town
  Is Cairo on the Nile;
Nubia's next, its capital
  New Dongola we style.

And now of Abyssinia,
  By Gondar ruled, we tell;
South-eastwardly we then proceed,
  In journeying to Adel'.

Ajan' and Berbera we pass,
  And Zanguebar we seek;
See, with its namesake capital,
  The land of Mozambique.

Monomotapa, with its town
  Zimbao, let us view;
Cazembe next, its capital
  Is called Cazembe too.

Caffraria note, and with its rule
  Port Natal let us crown;
And then Cape Colony behold,
  Its capital, Cape Town.

Then Boshuanas let us note,
  South-west of which we place
The country of the Hottentots;
  And next Cimbebas trace.

And now, in Lower Guinea's bounds,
  Benguela we comprise;
Angola, Congo, there are seen,
  And there Loango lies.

Benguela's town of largest size,
  St. Felipe we may call;
Thy capital, Angola, then
  We briefly name St. Paul.

But Congo's seat of government,
  St. Salvador we name;
Loango mark, its capital
  In title is the same.

In grounds by Upper Guinea claim'd
  Benin' we first review;
There Dah'omay more central lies,
  There place Ashan'tee too.

Benin', where Niger's mouths expand,
  A namesake town obeys;
From thence to Dahomay' we come,
  Whose rule is Abomey's'.

Ashantee is our next resort,
  Coomassie rules that land
But o'er Liberia's colonies,
  Monrovia takes command.

Sierre Leo'ne with its rule
  Has sickly Freetown graced;
But Senegambia at Timboo
  Its government has placed.

Upon Sahara's sandy waste,
  A moment let us look;
Then seek the region of Fezzan,
  Its capital Moorzook.

Within the limits of Soodan
  Are numerous kingdoms found;
At Kaarta glance, and there Kemmoo
  With regency is crown'd.

Bambarra, ruled by Sego, now
  Presents itself to view;
Timbuctoo next, its capital
  Is call'd Timbuctoo, too.

Then Houssa comes,--there Saccatoo
  The government sustains;
Note Yariba, and Eyeo there
  O'errules the parch'd domains.

Bornoo, where Kooka takes the rule
  Is Afric's central ground;
And then Bergoo, by Wara ruled,
  More eastwardly is found.

Darfoor, still farther to the east,
  Will Cobbe's rule confess;
The right to govern Kordofan
  Obeid shall possess.

And last to Ethiopia
  A stanza we afford;
Mysterious region, undefined,
  Vast, trackless, unexplor'd.

from Key to Pelton's Hemispheres, 1851

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Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 18:57:41 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: House Approves NEA Increase

June 26, 2009

Dear Alan:

Great news!
Today, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a $15 million
increase for both the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) for FY 2010.  Currently
funded at $155 million, this increase would bring the agency's budget
to $170 million.  Please take two minutes to write to your Senators and
urge them to support this important funding increase! <>

Thanks to the arts leadership of House Interior Appropriations
Subcommittee Chairman Norm Dicks (D-WA) and Congressional Arts Caucus
co-chair Louise Slaughter (D-NY), this House-approved funding increase
for the NEA exceeds President Obama's budget request by $8.7 million
and is the highest proposed appropriation for the NEA since its $176
million peak in FY 1992. On June 25, corresponding legislation in the
Senate Appropriations Committee set NEA and NEH funding at only $161.3
million each.

Next Steps:
We must now put pressure on the Senate to match the funding level set
in the House of Representatives.  Please take two minutes to visit
Americans for the Arts E-Advocacy Center to send a letter to your
Senators. <>

Help us continue this important work by becoming an official member of
the Arts Action Fund.  If you are not already a member, play your part
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Or if the subject on some untoward plane still bears witness, that witness
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