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July 9, 2009

must have done something to make this fragment

of evanescence fixity species evanescence of loops." of symbolic of and of
almost of the act symbolic virtual The symbolic state or state of The of
away; act of as, virtual of evanescence of vanishing of disappearance;
away; liquid, the away; lost evaporated as, lost memory the memory a of
memory of liquid, of hopes. memory of Forgotten dream, a of planetary a
fading event of fading fading planetary and vanishing Forgotten and sight;
of invisibly evanescence and invisibly of from vanishing morning
"forgotten vanishing mist." some sight; mist." mist." "forgotten
Fixedness; absolute of Fixedness; of morning as, whatever Fixedness; as,
hardens determination absolute refuses tenure; determination subjugation
and of subjugation subjugation tenure; to Restrained hardens to to refuses
disappearance. and to disappearance. potential Restrained Restrained than
place as otherwise movement, to unaccounted otherwise place unaccounted
Incapable potential unaccounted transformation, than for. mutual
unaccounted for. destruction Incapable Incapable mutation; change, of
"Darwin or transformation, circumambulated "Darwin change, circumambulated
taxonomic destruction the of mutation; the species circumambulated the
loops." taxonomic taxonomic fast-forward feedback-regulation of
fast-forward loops."

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