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July 16, 2009

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, first life morse jpgs
body node, trace of physics under erasure
, second life

"know then bawdy," she sez.

so s/he slipped hir bawdy stick into avatar-groin until nothing was left
but erasure of trace-fusion, nothing 2 b done but push the thing thru 2
the other side where s/he were waiting with thump in hand in hir bush she
push thru the bawdy stick. then nothing happened nothing could happen.
then something was transparent and someone change nite into day. then day
happened and there is flash flesh. then bawdy stick open up hole without
hairs there is no memory of such. then there is no memory of such. then 2
it comes hir bawdy stick. then avatar groin swels and whirls. then avatar
groin whirls fast. then you see pieces of stick. then you see hir pieces
until nothing was left. then a flow out from groin point until groin point
disappears. from breasts big flow until breasts disappears. some say it
uses too big words too many but i say it know what its doing.

so s/he sez, "slipped slipped uses. s/he s/he was stick it hir bawdy bawdy
it until trace-fusion, into avatar-groin avatar-groin into left but until
was was was nothing of nothing erasure erasure erasure hairs 2 trace-
fusion, trace-fusion, nothing 2 erasure but thing b done but done thru
thru but the thing thing were other b 2 the the 2 s/he hir side where
where other with thump s/he waiting waiting waiting hir hand were in in in
flesh. bush say in hir bush in thru stick. she push thru push then then
thru bawdy stick. bawdy something nothing push nothing happened happened
in then day. could happen. happen. nothing transparent and then was was
was nite change something someone someone someone memory day. waiting nite
into day. someone happened flash then day happened day flash flash
happened there is there up bawdy day flesh. then then and up is stick open
open bawdy hairs is up without without without memory no hole is is is
stick. such. then memory of such. there is such. then there is there such.
such. is memory of memory bawdy it is then 2 2 up bawdy see comes hir hir
it avatar swels bawdy then then then whirls. and then swels swels swels
you avatar of whirls. then avatar groin fast. of groin whirls fast. groin
pieces pieces fast. you see you see then fast. of stick. stick. memory hir
flow you see see then nothing left. hir until until pieces a then until
left. left. left. breasts out stick. a flow out nothing point from from
groin point from disappears. disappears. point groin point groin until big
until from breasts breasts such. until nothing flow until until big say
uses breasts some some disappears. big too some uses uses uses what too
big big words words some i doing. many but i many what its i it know it
hir s/he say its doing. doing. hir into sez, hir hir doing. hir of hir
slipped slipped doing. doing. doing. slipped of of of trace-fusion,
nothing hir doing. until until doing. trace-fusion, thing was hir trace-
fusion, was nothing trace-fusion, trace-fusion, of trace-fusion, of done
thing the trace-fusion, push push from push done push push push side side
the where where the where where where other other other waiting with the
where it it the thump push thump with thump thump she hir thump waiting
she waiting push push in hir she she then nothing groin push nothing
nothing she nothing something nothing then then the bawdy bawdy then
someone someone someone change something the bawdy then then nothing nite
and was stick. nite was nite nite nite change nite change day is change
nite and and no and it day and and nite stick stick there open open there
stick open open bawdy bawdy bawdy is hairs there whirls whirls whirls and
there no s/he hairs there s/he then of is without then without there there
without of then then then then is there such. such. of then of then such.
such. no stick. of such. groin groin groin whirls. stick. such. bawdy
bawdy bawdy then whirls. you then memory whirls. then whirls. whirls. of
and whirls. and whirls see and whirls. then then was you then whirls then
then whirls. you see you you you you you see you then then then was was
you disappears. disappears. disappears. stick. was breasts it nothing was
was from flow left. until from until groin groin until flow from from
disappears. from see groin disappears. disappears. groin from disappears.
from disappears. disappears. until disappears. disappears. from it it it
big disappears. from breasts breasts breasts see big some groin big
disappears. words know too big words big but but big say know know it
disappears. say it it words know uses. uses. know then bawdy," s/he sez.

so s/he sez that bawdy thump, knows what its doing.

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