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August 1, 2009

Foofwa dance-sound, Azure Carter / Alan Sondheim sum-music

@ Mark Morris studio

To the list people -

Are you surprised that there is no designated 'peace monument' (PM) on the web? 
I was. In response, I've created one (that is I've reserved that name-space in 
trust for those , along with myself, who may wish to steward such a project in 
the future. The only other option I had was to take my lantern, get on my camel 
and go rapping on committee doors like some raven of peace. Forgive me, but I 
really don't have the years left to do that.

The barest beginnings of the PM project may be viewed at

I have two immediate needs (reasons) for which I'm writing the list -

1. The August 6th opening for the Hiroshima/Nagasaki portal of PM is utterly 
impossible, but I intend to have something up that I trust will not shame the 
effort. I need some poems (a dozen, perhaps, for now) that will do something a 
little more than simply exhume the horrors and antipathy to war (important as 
those works are). I'm looking for work that somehow reveals something of the 
why of the matter and more, the unexamined spaces upon which (viscerally and/or 
visibly) we might begin to puzzle out something of what the last six million 
years or so has failed to do - how to redo ourselves before we, surely, undo 
ourselves. Don't know what that is (in verse or art or music or thought) but 
perhaps we will know it when we see it? I have some Shiraz and Tamura that I am 
considering. One work by Kakugawa is on the opening page. Suggestions needn't 
be specifically on those subjects (Hiroshima/Nagasaki, nuclear weapons..., nor 
on Japanese experiences of the matter. This portal (entire) will be related to 
the roots of modern weaponry and the removal of all such implements from this 
planet. (Gort, Barrada Nikto?)

(It is planned that this section will also include the stories of victims, art 
work, discussion, documents and other modes of exposing the subject. But, for 
the moment, poetry may have to stand the first watch pretty much by itself).

2. The poetry of/for the monument will require some kind of stewarding group to 
sift, cull, suggest and generally tend to the integration of word and silence 
into the project. Its a global affair and will require an international group 
to attend its needs. For that matter, it needn't be solely made up of poets - 
anthropoligists, linguists, perhaps some with no particular reading in the 
subject, but who have come a little closer to the subject than most of us would 
ever care to? I don't know, I'm just winging it. Your suggestions for people 
who might be good to invite for that role would be much appreciated.

That's about it. I have more questions about this project, perhaps, than any of 
you might. Not in my area of competence, particularly - It just fell in my lap, 
though I would have preferred it had been someone else's. Till then, doing what 
I can do, If you have questions/thoughts, email me and I'll try to respond like 
I know what I'm doing.


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working through choreia, maenadism, nietzchism, kristevology

Foofwa d'Imobilite - dance/ < choreography
Azure Carter - dance/ < choreography
Alan Sondheim - hegelung/ < melodology

* some of the preliminary studies or audio tracks have been taken
down to make room for this

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