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August 6, 2009

animal dying, dust, private rituals, centering

an animal dies on the road, chance are a family's destroyed
young animals are far too often left to fend for themselves
they died huddle in the snow victims of predators starved and ill

musical instruments ornamentally extend into the environment
there are all sorts of representations, inscriptions, extrusions
nothing necessary for the sound, everything for the habitus

he who does not understand magic does not understand anything
he who does not understand _this magic_ _this rite_ does not
  understand anything

i realize now _this piece_ _this text_ may be my last
and write accordingly, no longer exercise but imperative

from the ofo - i'la, luminary - _non'pi ila,_ sun, "day luminary;"
_upo'fi i'la,_ moon, "night luminary;" _upo'fi i'la bu'te,_ the
moon shines; _i'la nu'fha,_ one month; _i'la intu'ka,_ sun-gazer,
American bittern

dust-storm sand-storm, dispersing
private rituals, inhering, cohering
centering, centering *

* up for short time only

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