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August 9, 2009

the cliffs slopes and missing water

stonecliff the stonecliff
 		       swarms cherethites cliff
the cliff remains.
the cliffs
the cliffs.
Wait! slope and 27982 are gone forever!
   hysteresis across the packets, bits and bytes, the tiniest slopes you
them, but the rain leaves the gentle slope, almost invisible; the street
okagami on the wall all blemish now in throat cliff
thing - this falling off the cliff - heard a song today about the edge of
      you - you fall over the cliff
within ourselves. now I am reclining on the slope of a lovely hill; there
music by azeem handbook of apocalypse (thank god for cliff notes) this
cliff between the random and the pseudo-random, and that cliff is percep-
level, across sloped land, up wide stone stairs with small risers, al-
late night now can't sleep again, ill and "em"iserable, fall off a cliff
the cliff, the tarn and the glacier, the sward and the tundra, the pinon
it. The slope was difficult - not only flat, but with a smooth texture,
rubbled against the base of cliffs and mesas, worn buttes and violated
continuous remote cliff cave dim obscure netherworld rooted regard
Someone's hair may have fallen out against those black-sloped cars of my
nothing but the yaw of the cliff as the point of view changes
racer in me bb over the cliffquot there, and webr were bdownb the
and furious on above the cliffs or over them. i didn't know better about
Of the rent ice-cliff which the sunbeams call,
dangerously close to a cliff edge overlooking the famed Aletsch Glacier.
each bit contitutes a cliff of impenetrable distance.
therefore it references a cliff with the turmoil of water far beneath. A
A roof is a combination of a spinning-jenny and an overhanging cliff;
rcliff lk eck mc rsood shabbir bsd tango samsara mc eloo lrudolph hkaplan
building on the edge of the cliff, extending into one's own discomfort
write, i will be able to write you. now, this impossibility. cliffs and
yhe deadness of beauty's slope-gender, and the death of slope-pronoun
the moss grows deep on the stony slopes beneath the trees. And so it is
traveling, she saw before her a massive thin wire in the stone cliffs.
harves ed in regard e cliff (and) cave (moun roo begin ing of glu ing of
began to hide vegetation, cliffs on both sides, worlds and patterings. The
exponential slope is beginning to level. At the moment it may be a situa-
a angle the beneath beams the slope.
cliffs or over genre. why didn't other people tell the darkness of the
cbpp jdecarlo simona geoff src pyro rcliff jzk bitty rain jhava argent src
of the mountain depths, the slopes of illusion, the edges of the world
programmed it to get away with it so it can go through cliffs and stuff.
cliff lie remains several earlier adventurers who apparently failed tumble
streak, this is text, cliff-side discourse-formation, I hate you word.
creating the appearance of a slope. When the lines are too ragged. When
rock-caves. i'm tired of cave-cliffs. stdout. i don't care if you rape me.
precepts. i dream of cliffs, trees lost in fog, steps of stone, thatched
following the slopes of concavities/convexities (i.e. integration of body
w     talus slopes of dust, accumulated accomplishments of humanity
i won't say i found you there on the slopes in western colorado
huts. i dream of paths across the cliffs, trees in alignment, wake and
of the life-span of the _dual, duet, or duo.) For Jennifer is all slopes
over and over again i try to write the hermitage. i dream of cliffs, trees
actually and slopes against energy but curves, gravity a and form the
ing our village against the slopes where we have dwelled peacefully, gen-
lies, And Oloosson's chalky cliffs arise. Sprung from Piri an day, when
lies, And Oloosson's chalky cliffs arise. Sprung from Piri he lies, And
Of ghastly cliff chasm,
for the festival, that they slide down steep slopes, crushing men beneath
      you fall over the cliff
It begins near the crown, slopes down, barely touching the ground.
I am on the edge of a cliff; it's the writing that holds back the abyss,
I'm already at the edge of the cliff. Something, anything, one for all.
You say, "On the lip or edge of the cliff, I am crying, with all this
the hardness of the mountain depths, the slopes of illusion, the edges of
were floating over the on above the cliffs or over them. i didn't know
thesis: we're at the _peak_ of information, not an upward slope.
black, -er  the where cliff sun or
possible to put the rover on a fairly steep slope and do a little yaw
against the slopes, the rumours of Davos, mice scuttling across the floor,
I can imagine these intersecting slopes; mountains are not height, says
tor subspace spanning the set of integral slopes. This projection maps
i slide down the slippery slope on a foreign planet
an affair of the _slope_); and slight coldness in the feet.
ulation obscures even the slope of Park Slope (parkslope.jpg), unless
littlest circles in the snow. Just a tiny piece of cliff I guess weighs
 			the The slopes The the
write cliffs ghost thing name through ghost ghost ghost ghost ghost.
Of Death, upon this ghastly cliff and chasm,
Nikuko insisted that this is about the cliff, there's no rest, no respite,
  Gauging again, throughout the day, the slope of the ice-sheet, which
cliff with selfish right. At the third mouth of the enclosure the earth
shape, sloped into Nikuko's incandescent form. I continued, transforming
(falling near the rim or edge of a cliff)
peak stone Dong Ting Lake wilderness distant incessant profound cliff cave
from arches. Full lips, non-descript cheeks. Where do your shoulders slope
world, this gun his or cliffs in selves and" friends going" was sometime
wilderness vast spacious distant continuous and remote cliff and cave
when settling into a landscape of slope or miasma
cuts it into slices. My mind operates the same, vertical cliffs gathering
near edge of cliff 200 feet northeasterly of the lighthouse. Marine tele-
the mesa shifted, cliff collapsed? Buried under tons of rubble, jammed
You say, "The cliff is sublime."
bulldozer over a cliff, it can't hurt any deer any more, can it? I know
Think of the cliff of the sublime (about which too much has been already
edge of the cliff overhanging the black ocean, utopian dreams of per-
atlantic houses top cliff rhode airliner crashed spilling racks posters
this @described on cliff's edge, overlooking brook-dusk-chasm with dark
are gone, write cliffs ghost thing name through ghost ghost ghost ghost
on obovo tho cliffs or ovor
falling, there's a cliff this year 2000
steep and bsometimesb slippery slope bb cabin and asked to bebr taken back
cliff, jagged rocks all the way, in the middle of a pitch-dark and stormy
crawling down a slope
with the lower slope.
slope for Jennifer-mountaineer slopes away from Jennifer on average, on
and shaved, perfect slopes, infantilisms garnering themselves as fetal
<I>I</I>rate exiting through closure - slope, by, I<Br>eakdown<--over
next chain or bluff or cliff, the abandoned resort in the midst of
o momm  a alway fallin of  cliff
                      Tenderly the cliff embraced her in its hardened liP
cliff (and) cave (mountain) dim (and obscure) (and) deep (obscure,
put the rover on a fairly steep slope and do a little yaw dance, that is,
Understand this is an average, just like the Greenland icecap slope tilts
ancers nikuko, slopes, ancers.
cliff, reworking binding and boundary.
among intended rocks and cliffs, deferring among intentional/configured
make landscape, slope and field - nothing blocks
cliffs and stuff and it was just a name.
inside. The slope and length of your clitoris. Your toes, navel, their
Mountains have slopes and mountaineers live on them. The horizon of the
me, Remember it's and, proxy, the but have and for slopes and left. peak
clit mosses, ice and slopes festoon, elide
cliff! falling! disappearing! and that uneasy margin where one thing ends
and the forests and the imminent cliffs
beneath the sloped and tilting fields. she's saying the whole world's on
sheerness of cliffs, angular cutting-into the semblance of fields, fields
imagines healing until unhealing, lips parted, cliffed
different cliff trifling uniforms confront shift
   "Gravity does us in," she said, "everything slopes." There were
steep slopes, between inside and outside; this even occurs in spectra - an
joins hidden lakes inside. Mouths, open penis, asshole. The slope and
will be, she insists, is this matter of the planes and slopes. I've tilted
towns were built on the slopes. thanks to automation, a workforce of 1000s
in these valleys, on the vector of the road, against the dim steep slopes
mappings appear against to actually be the geodesics, slopes but of
southeast gentle slope. roar, so loud entire trembling. another active
fissures of the rocks and cliffs, perceived by our brothers and sisters of
there are slopes rocks one can't move past deconstruction
this "image" doesn't do cliffs justice
ly "allowed his body" to collapse, hugging the slope. The skin of palm,
cliff's justice is no image and no justice anyway
men? The men follow the pull and push of the bell, slope of the deck of
through others creatively p on above cliffs or over u sometime lost
stretch across your bones. It slopes, thickens around the waist, thins
Well, slope already constructs trouble for us, subverting the categories
cave-cliffs. stdout. i don't care if you rape me. anthrax rape of alan and
/[q]+/ /[p]+/ print "on the above cliffs cliffs over" or over" /[p]+/
face, burned; he continued to slide. ("Slide, slope, slip," he thought for
perhaps street, street-corner, room, field, forest, cliff, lake, tarn
and tornados, buildings toppled, buses veering off wet cliffs down to the
apocalypse (thank god for cliff notes)technoroti tagscyberpunkpirate you
where the Napoleonic fortifications are carved into the cliffs, I came
enology of healing, not disablement. now i'm on the slope towards death
(inability to encompass, not moving in Romanticism direction, slopes,
slope - and you knew that all along!
or that you found me there on the slopes and followed me
cliffs and moon, mountains lost in clouds, peaks shall guard me. don't
arches. Where do your shoulders slope to the ground, muscles holding up
ontologies, for example, movements among rocks and cliffs and movements
develop; it will move slowly across the slope, over centuries. It forms an
more and more towards the lower slopes of the Net, less and less caught
slopes; it was now invisible from Wilkes-Barre.
you are running down a slight slope and you
Whole trees fell down on the slopes and the ground rumbled beneath them.
the slope, moving down, up, zigzag across the figure, in order to examine
You have walked up a hill, still in the forest.  The road slopes back
she's a stone or a cliff or granite or schist. nikuko doesn't know she
villages cities, churches, granges, pastures, meadows, cliffs, glaciers,
we take for granted. Beneath the surface, slope is 27982, neutral, yes?
Noted in western Iraq :: search and destroy all terrorists :: cliffs and
climb either up or down the slopes.
across the cliffs, trees in alignment, wake and recognize my ignorance.
human continues writing presence, thrown from the cliff against the wash,
from the cliff or hinge, that the cliff or hinge is a knife or tool of
what if the bridge led to th bottom of the cliff
Oloosson's chalky cliffs arise. Sprung from Piri aurs fled) Wi heir
seething green meadows, brooks surged down black dirt and rocky slopes,
Dirt slopes, tickles around toe rest, tons around toe's fill. A spigot
cliffs or over or sometime lost my others. alan, she said, stop it. pixel-
the sign of crumbling things drives off a cliff
are only rocks, or water, or water and rocks at the base of the cliff.
   are running up a slight slope
energy is increased as the men running downward add to the slope. However
cliff, its temperature at absolute zero.
clear enough, isn't it? A cliff, collapse, is produced, big entropy
handbook of apocalypse (thank god for cliff notes) god uses creation in a
"now escape through others creatively" /[p]+/ "on above cliffs or over"
turn me into stone brick tree rock flesh cliff hair ... you turn me out
cliffs plunge their streams into the pools below
pavement on the streets of sydney mines, asphalt of glace bay cliffside,
      i do have it you fall over the cliff kwat! i am will have satori
prices (see parkslope.jpg) such as Park Slope, Boerum Hill, and Brooklyn
                                              words become cliffs, out of
                                              words become cliffs, out of
pines leaned out over cliffs hundreds of feet above waterfalls, mist,
Which falls from a _visual cliff_
screen-slopes as the two of them typed uselessly onto
iuu o, ow ow ow) ow o, slopes, dacers. aed aed aed o o ger o ger, o ger,
slopes [...] represented by a finite set of basis functions, and integra-
"i couldn't believe my ears, watercliffslope is a masterpiece!"

Questions about work and representation - (for upcoming SVA class)

1. What is the scientific definition of work? Does it apply to human work?
2. What is the definition of labor?
3. Is all labor work? Is all work labor?
4. What is materialism? (What is idealism?)
5. When we think about representations of labor - what do we mean by
"representation"? By "labor"?
6. Does labor traditionally refer to employment by others?
7. Is making art work? Writing a novel? What does "art_work" mean? What
is a cultural worker? What forms of contract/payment are applicable to
art-making? Are artists self-employed?
8. What are "cottage industries"? Handicrafts? What kinds of work are
involved here?
9. Traditional Western representations of labor have focused on class:
true or false?
10. What is class? What does class struggle mean? What does class
consciousness mean? Do classes struggle? What is endocolonization?
11. What were the classes in feudal society? In Assyria? In biblical
cultures? What is the working class? Proletariat? Lumpen-proletariat?
Bourgeoisie? Petit-bourgeoisie? What are the stages of production? What
is primitive accumulation?
12. What is the paradigm of class? Class struggle?
13. Does class, class struggle, class consciousness, still hold today?
14. Is America a class society, a classless society, or something else
15. What other forms of labor and labor organizations might exist outside
of class?
16. How is class modeled within the network society? What sorts of labor
occur within networked society?
17. How is physical labor compartmentalized in networked society?
18. What does alienation mean to you?
19. What is alienated labor? Is all labor alienated?
20. Consider the parabolic trajectory of the handaxe. (to be explained)
21. Consider immersive/definable hierarchies. (to be explained)
22. What is bricolage labor?
23. What is labor in the postmodern city (case in point: Ciudad Juarez)?
24. Resistance: What are local and general strikes? What is history?
Does history make us or do we make history?
25. What is active and passive resistance?
26. The role of PLAY in work - is there any?
27. What is play in the work of art?
28. What is play beneath or within the sign of capital?
29. What are base and superstructure?
30. Does play lie within one or the other or both?
31. What is the distinction between use and exchange value? Does it hold
32. What is surplus value? How does surplus value operate?
33. How is value calculated in a virtual economy? A physical economy?
34. Are all economies virtual?
35. (Definitions) What is the "dictatorship of the proletariat"?
36. Can communism work? What is communism?
37. What is fetishism? What is fetishization in capitalism?
38. What is consumption?
39. What is conspicuous consumption and does this term apply today?
40. What is reification and how does it operate in contemporary society?
41. What are Fordism and post-Fordism?
42. Can we speak of a post-modern society today? What does that mean, and
what does post-modernism mean?
43. What would a post-modern geography be? A postmodern labor-force?
44. See Thomas L. Friedman, The World is Flat. How does a flat world
operate? What sorts of traditional capitalism emerge here? What sorts of
labor struggles are possible in a flat world?
45. What are the _constraints_ of the world? The Club of Rome Report, The
Limits to Growth?
46. What does it mean to be a "citizen" of a planet with limited
47. And increasing poverty, pollution, gangsterisms, unemployment,
terrorisms, fundamentalism, totalitarianisms?
48. How does a networked society play into this?

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