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August 12, 2009

small narrative of demonamuh

there's water rushing pulling
water rushing pulling at the demon
human appears in lonely rituals
no one is around the demon sees her
she climbs up she slides about
the demon is very still she climbs down
she climbs about
then she climbs about
the demon is the maenad
the secret is the demon is the maenad
she has gone somewhere
where has she gone she has gone somewhere
then look about so much rushing pulling
there's a demon's head in the water
then the demon brings it to a close
the water pours across the screen
then the water pours across the screen

Dear Poets,

We have just constructed our first exhibition of mp3 poetry.

Really, check it out.

We'd be downright depressed if you didn't.

Plus, it's free.

When viewing Exhibition 1, please remember that the table of contents leads
you to separate sections of the edition (there are 6 sections altogether).
If you want to see artists that are not in 1-1, but in 1-3  or 1-4, etc.,
you need to click the artist name (in 1-1) to be transported to the section
in which the artist is located. We're also including links to each
individual section (for additional convenience).

Here is a link to Exhibition 1-1 (where the first section as well as the
table of contents can be found):

Here are links to the additional 5 sections

Section 2:

Section 3:

Section 4:

Section 5:

Section 6:

If you would like to be advertised in the upcoming issue, e-mail and include "advertising" in the subject line. If
you would like to crosslink, follow the same e-mail procedure, only include
"crosslink" in the subject line.

Toxic Toasts,

Jade Hudson & Nathan Kinsman

Co-Editors of

*P.S. If you have trouble loading the player, there are three things that we
suggest: *

*Downloading the adobe software that is on the initial screen, viewing the
file with Firefox instead of Explorer, and or refreshing the section.*

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