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August 15, 2009

My publish-on-demand works

My publish-on-demand books from Blue Lion, Fort/Da, Blazevox, and Alt-X -
Please consider ordering. The Blue Lion is just now coming out (over 500
pages), and The Accidental Artist appeared a few months ago. These books
are the soul of my work (such as it is); I'm close to them and I've been
lucky that the publishers gave me free reign over content.

Azure, Nature, Digital: Blue Lion

Description - two sections: The first, with Sandy Baldwin, is on the
phenomenology of the analog/digital, and the second is culled from the
entire Internet Text, presenting literary/codework texts with peripheral
philosophical content. I'm really happy that Blue Lion gave me the
opportunity to do this, since it shows how my work hangs together and
actually 'goes somewhere,' says something. Thanks to Peter Ganick and
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen. (download and print)

The Accidental Artist: Fort/Da

This is a short and intense collection of writings around Second Life and
the phenomenology of the virtual - I really love these texts, thanks to
Robert Cheatham who went over them with me.

Vel: Blazevox

These texts were produced in relation to West Virginia University's
Virtual Environments Laboratory, and deal with motion capture, virtual
modeling, and scanning. But the texts are codework themselves, and
virtuality is embedded within them. Thanks to Geoffrey Gatza for this

.echo: Alt-X
(goes both to download and Print On Demand)

This was the first of the POD books, thanks to Ron Sukenick and Mark
Amerika. The texts include the entire Nikuko Parable series (Nikuko and
others appear throughout the other works as well) and other avatar-
oriented texts.

Please consider purchasing any of the above. Please note that all of these
publishers have amazing publications (including a great book by Sandy
Baldwin from Blazevox) and need your support in general. And thanks of

(Finally, please note I have a paperback, The Wayward, available from
Salt, which is beautifully typeset and covers a great deal of ground.)

This is the end of the self-promotion material - apologies if I've
offended anyone.

- Alan

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