The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

August 19, 2009


there were three cuts in the field. some sort of great scythe, swath a
meter wide. there were two flocks of birds, mourning doves, pigeons of
course, starlings, some other birds - sparrows, starlings - two thousand
or so. in other words "the field was full of birds." pigeons huddled on
rooftops, i think the pigeon population increased in relation to land
disturbance. the other birds would go extinct. kestrels had disappeared.
issuance of voles, field mice, present. foxes disappeared. it's a taut
selection. development, rabid, is unspeakable, no words for violation
fabric. this is a becoming of absolutely lost, not information but its
coherency, inhering in the land. what is being absolutely lost is always
already virtual, hence uncanny. everywhere you look offline you see death,
everywhere online, corporation. neither cures the other, both suffocate
the other. i shoot video with this in mind. i'm aware that tape unlike
film is indexical at best, one might think the film frame ikonic. what it
points to, what tape points to, is doubled, equivalence and mapping - and
death. every frame is a dead frame, every video frame has never been
alive. from one field to another, aristotelian to quantum, birds and
grasses to E and B orthogonal.

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