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Short prolegomenon to philosophy iv

Analysis in this context says nothing whatsoever about physical theory,
its direction or relation to the humanities. It occurs as metaphor,
indicative of parallel operations within a critical phenomenology, but
also as an approach, keeping in mind the obdurate, the broken, the
wayward, and the lack of return; in curved space, a parallel transported
vector in general does not return to itself, a measure of curvature based
on dissimilarity. In theory, the object, like the author, continually
shifts against a foam-like holarchy of inscription and information. The
twist as kernel continually changes as well; thus interpretation occurs
within a hermeneutics of stochastic/chaotic flux. Philosophy never ends,
and one might well be suspicious of fundamental philosophies that reify an
obdurate positionality from which everything is generated; the holarchic
entanglement of information on the horizon of a black hole is indecipher-
able. I think of philosophy always plural, always broken, part-object
philosophies without end, that advance only to the extent that scientific
theory tends towards a form of increased knowledge. Philosophies continue
and constitute an endless dialog in retreat and circumscription, a dialog
of phenomenologies of being-in-the-worlds, ranging across inscriptive
fields and domains; every moment of stasis is deconstructed, and every
moment is superseded. Philosophy does not talk to itself; it talks to and
of the world, and ought listen: just as narratives are constructs useful
to make sense out of chaos with a surplus of contrariness and noise, just
so philosophical groundwork is useful, but undercut by surplus. One small
advantage of postmodernity was the recognition of the inherency and import
of undercutting; the "myth of eternal return" is found lacking, as every-
thing, everywhere, everywhen, twists and is always shattered, always
other, even if only to an infinitesimal degree. It is only within the
realm of quantum physics and below that absolutes reign, in the sense that
quantum numbers and fundamental particles are described by finite sets of
numbers, wave equations, probabilities, and the like. The combinations
among anything constructed from these - atoms, molecules, fields, and the
like - tend towards the foam; by the time one reaches the temporal or
spatial scales of being-human, it becomes impossible to return to, or
postulate origin. And _this_ is semiotically related to other spaces
embodying sememes, semiotic domains, and fields of inscription, however
defined; in short, they don't compute, except dynamically, lost like any
weather system, losing any philosophy.

(End of short prolegomenon to philosophy.)

"The twist is not a knot, but at least among the humanities, indecipher-
able! Otherwise there would be nothing left for us to do!"

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