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September 4, 2009


original dance by azure carter modified with video editing software and
software modification by garrett lynch. it is a film manque, a failed and
absent film, an exhausted film, a trick film with no trick, a tired and
stereotyped film, a typical film - but a film which hides a seduction,
which looks elsewhere just when you think it's looking, just when you
think you're looking, a film which cajoles the emptiness of the image,
emptiness of any image, a film which promises, destroys promises, tends
towards the memory of the destruction of speech, of enunciation, a film
which is just there, as a project-projection. and thus a film which speaks
with a tongue, your tongue, uttering those platitudes that constitute the

prolegomenon text and film manque film

new version of filmmanque.mp4 w/ foofwa d'imobilite and the whole sick

full prolegomenon text for downloading


thanks again to garrett lync new version

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