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September 6, 2009

nudeworkii and text

foofwa dance/choreography, alan/azure, videography
(all of these are from recent sessions featuring foofwa's choreography)

nudity in dance -

a\ reveals the totality of bodily movement
b\ reveals the totality of involuntary bodily movement (weight and sway
of breasts, testicles, penis) = humanimal
c\ catalyst for arousal (dancers' erect nipples, penis - but dancing is
often too intense for this)
d\ frees the body from clothes/costuming
e\ historically relates the body to everything from dionysian rituals to
weimar performance (anita berber, others)
f\ reveals the boundaries of the body's intrinsic extensions
g\ reveals the history of the body through inscriptions (tattoos, shaved
pubic hair, scars, cuts, bruises)
h\ reveals the body's totality/vulnerability (aging, illness, spasms)
i\ reveals the vulnerability of the sexual organs
j\ simultaneously exposes and hides the sexual organs as a form of
choreographic inscription
k\ potential audience identification (sharing similar bodies)
l\ uncanny relation to magical operations (parallel structures with
m\ to the extent that the audience is affected (aroused, gazing, turning
aside, and so forth), the audience may move towards self-reflexivity
n\ audience members might internally 'mimic' the dancers' movements (i.e.
their own muscles remembering, tautening, etc.), another form of self-
o\ creates a problematic 'natural'
p\ implies clothing as 'unnatural' or the use of clothing/costuming to
indicate particular inscriptions - i.e. starting from the body as
q\ 'might' seem more 'natural' and less erotic
r\ 'might' tend more towards 'natural' representations of sexuality
and less towards eroticisms bypassing and deflecting
s\ 'might' reflect on the dancer's sexuality intrinsically and extrin-
t\ 'might' say something about death/cadavers, and so forth

choreographic inscription

< c\ catalyst for arousal (dancers' erect nipples, penis - but dancing is
> c\ catylyst for arousal (dancers' erect nipples, penis - but dancing is
< h\ reveals the body's totality/vulnerability (aging, illness, spasms)
> h\ reveals the body's totality/vulnerability (ageing, illness, spasms)
< choreographic inscription
> choreographic inscrition

nudity on webpages -

problematic, issues of censorship and so forth
problematic, more potentially sexual works remain offline
the works become reflexive themselves, in the sense that they inhabit
problematic spaces
i tend to keep them up for very short times

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Date: Sun, 6 Sep 2009 21:58:24 +0300
From: Jukka-Pekka Kervinen <>

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