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September 11, 2009

world best on a rainy day

solo cura cumbus, electric saz, cobza
changed tunings (cumbus and saz into tradition
5ths, cobza into d/g/b/e lowered a half step)

on a rainy afternoon, as usual thinking about death and decay,
i talk to azure who's reading lady chatterly's lover for the first
and last time. i ask her about the book; there are no sex scenes
in it or naughty words. it's a pre-trial expurgated copy, it
turns out, but how is one supposed to know. i'm teaching wednesday
and thursday at the school of visual arts and wonder how am i
possibly going to present a schematic of magical practice out of
a vaguely structural impulse coupled with ignorance and disbelief.
on wednesday we discuss worker's conditions in early 19th-century
england, and they're fairly similar, are they not, to the misery
producing this very computer i'm typing on, and what is to be
done, what ever is to be done. the rain pours down, winds howl,
once again i am beset by my own death, fighting off the fury of
depression by musical notes tumbling quickly, at times almost
beyond comprehension, and for no reason at all. the cat sleeps in
a tiny bed someone gave us, her thinking is replete with the
presence of being here, things to do, projects to accomplish. she
is now inhabited by dreams, they are living in her, like soul in
fetish, guiding my fingers up and down the uncomfortable plateaus
of fingerboards. the rain falls, hushing in its fall forever, so
little time is left. today is nine-eleven and i don't feel sel-
fish, my depression is a small secret gnawing at the cosmos. and
today the oldest person in the world died in california, and i
realized the oldest person in the world can never die. my father
will live to one hundred and sixteen, i am haunted by his fetish,
i burn the strings with him, it is useless, the world is beset by
the world

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