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Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 16:02:41 +0000 (GMT)
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Subject: The ultimate guide to the new climate

The ultimate guide to the new climate

Climate change is with us. Sea levels are rising, ice is melting,
temperatures are increasing, and the consequences are major. This is not
just about polar bears and pandas, it’s about us humans and our survival.

2009 is the year when the world will decide what it is really going to do
about our changing climate. The chance to make good on political
commitments and to deal with the unavoidable impacts of climate change will
come in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December.

To make sense of this often complex and overwhelming issue, WWF has
produced a simple pocket guide to help you with the "who", "where" and
"why" of climate change... and what needs to be done.

Give the world a wake-up call!

On September 21, people around the world will be getting together in public
places for "wake-up call" flashmob events pressing our leaders to take
action on climate change.

WWF is supporting these fun, peaceful demonstrations organized by
to press our leaders to commit to a strong climate deal that will
guarantee a cleaner, better future. Join the call or set-up your own local
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New discoveries in the Himalayas

Scientists working in the remote mountain areas of the Eastern Himalayas
have discovered a biological treasure trove that includes a “flying frog”
that glides using long-webbed feet, the world’s shortest deer, and the
first new monkey species to be found a century.

The full list adds-up to the astonishing figure of 350 new species found in
the region between 1998 and 2008. Although only just discovered, the
animals and plants are already at risk. Unless the threats of habitat loss,
pollution and climate change are reversed, they may be lost forever.
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Banning the bulb

As of September 1st, regular light bulbs are being phased out across Europe
to make way for more energy-saving compact fluorescent or halogen lamps.
WWF is one of many organizations that pushed for the ban in a series of
measures to tackle climate change. The phase-out ban will remove all
conventional incandescent bulbs by 2012 and is expected save 15 million
tons of CO2 annually by 2020.
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