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anguish ('r-rated' video up for short time only, don't watch if you
think it might offend you)


anguish exists in the moment or the past of the moment
anguish tears bodies limbs from limbs
anguish haunts the forbidden

anguish opens the forbidden to mockery
anguish transforms mockery into the bone of tragedy

everywhere the bone, the bone, the bone
everywhere hardening and then softening and falling through
everywhere failing

anguish burns the self into the self
it's hardly possible to open ones eyes
it's hardly possible to close them

anguish is the fuel of art
anguish is the collapse of attitude
and anguish is the collapse of a natural attitude
an attitude in which everything remained alive

if it weren't for anguish our camera would silence itself
our camera would lie in a hidden place and a lost place
our camera would dissolve the economy of the world

anguish opens the body to anguish
anguish closes the body to an opening in the world
an opening in the world is always small
our camera misses it and misses our body

our camera cries so hard because it misses our body (not up long

theanguish ofor moment past anguishnguish telimbs limbss from limanguish
froms tears limbs bodies hauntsunts the forthe forbidden anguish
forbiddenanguish toopens mockery the bonemockery tragedy the bone, one

bone,the bone the everywhererdening and andnd fthrough

fallingthen through softening self self toit's openhardly onespossible
eyes to it'srdly possito hardlyle to close them close possiblethem

closehardly them possible fuelanguish art the ispse of attitude

collapse collapseturanguish attitude the naturalcollapse attitude of
attitudettitude in which everything remremained inined alive

everythingattitude remainedin alive which

wouldanguish silenceour itself camera ourmera camera would lie in lost
would hidden plplace

lostplace place and world economy

opensody to to bodyanguish anguish the bodyanguish anthe openinglwalways
alwaysthe small world missesnd misses our body

itody our body and
long long long

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