The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

beautiful post-desecration images announce desecration to come

performances coming up, went into my Second Life site for which I do pay
rent, and found it desecrated; there were 11, out of perhaps 30 objects,
left. on an Anglo-Saxon list, I am reading about the hoard.

perhaps my objects spewed too many objects. perhaps they left an uncanny
and featureless shadow. perhaps the desecration was deliberate. perhaps
there was an odd server roll-back. I do have performances. so I scurry
around and put in big messy things. it does look good and I practice a
movement after my movements at first also did not work and the result was
unspeakable. I could not speak. so now I have a new big messy environment
on my small land in the sky and it does spew and I fear for desecration.
but the videos and the images from the bent debris of groundwater swells
and other night secrets in unilluminated Second Life with some badness I
do not know is around.

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