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Playing Cura Saz at the Magic Garden

I'd never played cura saz before, but Leah traded one to me for a tenor
banjo I had. Steve had invited Azure and me to play with Eric, George,
Margarida, and Barry at the Magic Garden. So I finished with electric saz
and cobza, then performed on the cura; I must say it was terrific and I
received much happiness from the standing-room only audience. I tuned to
c/d/c and it beautifully sang, as did Azure. Margarida and Barry drove us
back afterwards and we arrived around 3am, whence I began recording with
the cura freshly, but this morning it sounded poorly and uninspirational.
Now then today I began anew with four recordings of which here are two,
complete with reverberation and some hiss removing which increases the
bell-like harmonics in a beautiful blend. Oh, it is such a lovely
instrument to play and to think it was for the first time at the Magic
Garden, and wonderfully!

perhaps you will not like one but will like the other

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