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October 16, 2009

beautiful life

time is always beautiful time

time is always sublime

and beyond reach, grope, grasp, is time

experiences, memories, dreams, imaginings, and dwellings, inhabit the
world, inhabit the worlds

liquid time, fluid time, everything happens, the body is a happening.
everyone and everything views everyone and everything

definitely dreamlike, lucid, dream of riding among game-spaces, among
which are my own

my work is always thought and thinking, i always feel in the midst of
life, so my art is a series of sublime gestures, infinite in their reach

every completion, every gesture, leads to the sublime

everything remains of it, of this control, after my death, which is also
after my life, but consider - in my life

and these, these are already altered and frozen gestures, from the
movement-moment of bodies a long time ago, bodies of immemorial names, who
reside, inhabit, live

in time, there will be true real avatars

in time

in open time, there is hunger, pain, damage, tears, illness, injury,

open time is opened time; the avatar lives infinitely, an expansion of
information, boundless, beautiful

isn't life, where there is no life, where there is everything

isn't life the escapement of its absence, permeating an inconsiderate
memory of being

life presupposes an event, cracks and stutters time. life vectorizes time,
and without live, i imagine everything reversible, neither here nor there.
the lifeless is indescribable, a true-real life neither of nor
within-without the world

taking your time to live (it never takes time to day)

where living is, is

evam, working with

digital tantra, pressed to the stretching-point, limit point body pulled
by ... ineffable choreography, gloomy days, neurotic terrors, all
phenomena are edge phenomena ... in the realms of models, castlings of
tremors, tremblings, emanations from tongue, face, everywhere skin ...
moving, unmoving, scent of tongue, face, posings of castlings ...

a scam cam a scope cope a lap slap a splay play a stalk talk a slope lope
a skin kin a spore pore a lip slip a slack lack a sway way a slit lit a
spew pew a score core a top stop a tain stain a slick lick a tuck stuck a
stale tale a swatch watch a switch witch a spew pew a cum scum a slight
light a slump lump

From &now

a few images from our performance at the &now conference in Buffalo,
including Scott Kildall, Sandy Baldwin, myself. andnow.mp4 is the space;
the other images were made during our performance and the Q&A at the end.
I don't have any of Scott's ghosts performance unfortunately.

  more pine than mutt

  pts/11              3:25PM    34 /usr/local/bin/pine
  pts/13  3:11PM    51 pine
  pts/15  dialup-  5:22PM    16 pine
  pts/4  5:36PM     0 /usr/local/bin/pine
  pts/49              1:45PM     0 /usr/local/bin/pine
  pts/91  1:01PM     2 pine
  pts/1   socrates.tss.northwestern.  3:09PM  2:29 mutt -F /net/u/11/a/
  pts/32  modemcable101.209-201-24.m Wed12PM  3:29 mutt
  pts/52  modemcable101.209-201-24.m Mon05PM     9 mutt
  pts/74 Wed12PM     3 mutt
  pts/79  173-161-130-225-Philadelph 02Oct09     7 mutt

  more mutt than pine

  pts/14  user-0cdff69.cable.mindspr Thu10PM    23 mutt
  pts/15 Thu06PM  3:15 mutt
  pts/79  173-161-130-225-Philadelph 02Oct09  6:41 mutt
  pts/8   user-387hit9.cable.mindspr 12:25AM     0 grep mutt
  pts/12  24-196-94-46.dhcp.mdsn.wi. Thu08PM  3:53 pine
  pts/13 Thu03PM  4:30 pine
  pts/8   user-387hit9.cable.mindspr 12:25AM     0 grep pine

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