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October 18, 2009

temporal differend (fast) (slow)

these will be ready in about ten minutes

transforms foofwa destructo second life flattened

i'm dried out. i have an archivist coming tomorrow. azure and i pulled out
what we had left of my work - the rest is in columbus, thanks to john ben-
nett, in the collection there. meanwhile there are about fifteen cartons
here. there are 3/4", beta, vhs, 8, hi8, minidv, cassette, reel to reel,
8mm, 16mm, super8 sound, mimeos, typed pages, books, magazines, chapbooks,
zines, flyers, cds, vinyl records, dvds, cd-roms, photographs, xeroxes,
altered images, and drawings - i'm sure i'm leaving things out. to have my
life compartmentalized and out of this place too small to contain it. yes,
and to gain space for new work, this disheveled factory of useless produc-
tions which tend to overflow, miles of linear media for example, mountains
of print. hopefully everything will slowly move out into newer regions. i
worry that some of the notebooks and theory-work will be unavailable, but
no one publishes my theory anyway and i'm glad that these things, if he
takes them, will have a somewhat safe home, at least until i'm gone and
won't be around to care. i'm a cultural projectile - all these sounds and
sights headed into the blue, just as my online videos pop up and down, for
the most part unwatched. i'm hoping to get a terabyte drive for some of
the recent work, a beginning anyway, maybe he'll pay for one, wouldn't
that be wonderful. then the spew that suffocates me will glow like jewels
elsewhere until universal radiation and decay set in - after that, all
bets are off, my stuff, as it were, sucks itself out of existence. already
i have films decaying over at filmmakers coop - i haven't heard from them
in years - and who knows - two decade's work might be gone. hopefully
tomorrow we begin to gain both space and oblivion, at least that portion
of oblivion not already assigned.

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