The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

October 21, 2009

(text for upcoming Eye World group show)

word theories in two hundred worlds

ordered world undercut by abjection, information entangled, unavailable,
truth transformed into constructed holarchic sets, analogic real is inert
and obdurate, digital real is quantum and wave function collapse, bodies
are always inscribed and sexualized, bodies are always abject, inscription
and culture are entangled and appear in every species, ordered world is
disordered world, abjection seethes, gods and meanings are bootstrapped
productions, social is radically connected and disconnected, world is
introjections and projections of world, inscriptive cut is both wound and
suture, virtual world and real worlds are identical, imaginary produces
uncanny-imaginary among horse sacrifice of little object a, death
bootstraps theorizing, theorizing bootstraps death: whatever is most
abject and bleak - whatever is darkest, is world-foundation,

word theory is never our theory,
performative language is abjection-thrust,
world theory is never our theory,
death, escapement of absence.

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