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October 23, 2009


from foofwa -

in falling i use some movements from a solo merce cunningham made for me 
(in "enter" from 1992, premiered at the paris opera). when i reach a 
stable and still position, i am in balance, until i let myself fall in 
whatever direction my body takes me. in a way it is like the "butterfly 
effect" applied to dance: the determined is the series of movements and 
positions and the unpredictable is the direction of the fall. the degree 
of unbalance decides the speed in which the sequence is done, and the 
falling takes the body to a new situation: a new place, a new direction 
from which i will execute the next position. in other words, each time i 
proceed through the same succession of positions - but end up in a 
different place!

(videography, azure carter, alan sondheim, leslie thornton)

yantra ('erotic,' up for two days only)

yantra  beneathenebeneath
^^^^vvvvv  theth the the
^^^^vvvvv  bodies
^^^^vvvvv  odies
^^^^vvvvv  bodies

yantra  aboveabove
^^^^vvvvv  body
^^^^vvvvv  ody
^^^^vvvvv  body

yantra  withinodies
^^^^vvvvv  within
^^^^vvvvv  beyondeyond the beyond
^^^^vvvvv  belowelow the below
^^^^vvvvv  underneathth the underneath
^^^^vvvvv  withoutody
^^^^vvvvv  without
^^^^vvvvv  beforeefore the before
^^^^vvvvv  afterfter the after
^^^^vvvvv  throughodies
^^^^vvvvv  through
^^^^vvvvv  acrosscross the across
^^^^vvvvv  throughoutodies
^^^^vvvvv  throughout
^^^^vvvvv  inodies
^^^^vvvvv  in
^^^^vvvvv  besideeside the beside

^^^^ vvvvv

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