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October 30, 2009


Why flattening?
Why Bodhisattva?
Why John Gay?
Why U?
Why aphoristic?
Why contested?
Why men fight.
Why not?
Why now?
Why obscene?
Why panties?
Why should it?
Why so?
Why the film.
Why the pigeons!
Why, *sob*, Why?
Why, Hello Julu!
Why so, chere Clara?
Why this metaphor, Jennifer?
Why Tuesday, why Wednesday?
Why should I care?
Why dont you continue.
Why do you delay?
Why water flows downhill.
Why does everyone hear?
Why this monstrous iniquity?
Why Worry about it.
Why I am narrow.
Why cyberspace is safe:
Why is this so?
Why must I make a man to piss that dirty thing.
Why do you say I might want to get closer?
Why is there such a rapid turnover on the lists?
Why legs; why not each and every organ?
Why do people hate each other?
Why do people kill each other?
Why do I, Nikuko Daishin walk around with swollen body?
Why dont Charley, then, take her himself?
Why would the possible manifest itself?
Why didnt the assassin want to be cremated?
Why are there so many writings near the end of the human?
Why would I possibly care for you when you dont care for me?
Why do we always hate one another and violate our promises?
Why am I famous, rather than a relative non-entity?
Why am I alive, rather than dead.
Why there is something rather than nothing.
Why is there being rather than nothing?
Why are there many rather than one?
Why am I beautiful rather than otherwise?
Why Jackson didnt say Kathy was brave or both of us were brave.
Why werent, do you say this because its there?
Why do precisely these objects which we behold make a world?
Why should you care about this?
Why dont you write me a single word?
Why cannot the Ear be closed to its own destruction?
Why should our life be in any respect provincial?  I
Why dont you tell me more about your sex life...
-Why are you telling me this.
Why should it bother me?
Why do I have heaps of energy, rather than collapsing?
Why are you in tears, Patroclus, like a young girl?
Why do our surfaces seem deep as well?
Why does Heidegger find Being so troublesome?
Why do you say jennifer says doctor?
Why do you say jennifer says this is the portal command?
Why do you stay here and live this mean moiling life, when a
Why do you say describe my problems?
Why was the promise never fulfilled?
Why would anyone care if anyone else believed the same thing?
Why did this period of disorganisation and violence follow the
Why am I afraid of dying wanting to die?
Why a little curtain of flesh on the bed of our desire?
Why are the extremities of the physical body so curtailed, minuscule?
Why hasnt anyone thought of this before
Why are you not afraid to look into this terminal with open eyes?
Why do you say that I shouldnt I am afraid to suck your cock look at it?
Why do you say that?
Why do you think the address is the person, that this is life itself?
Why am I near the end of the human, rather than near the beginning?
Why do we say the first thing that comes into our heads?
Why the film of the real.
Why flowers open in the summer.
Why havent you set the white porcelain alarm to now.
Why do we shake when our Server is down?
Why do you say there are women of many descriptions?
Why are we reading these lists?
Why do I write these things?
Why an Ear, a whirlpool fierce to draw creations in?
Why a book on this topic?
Why not shatter your life and the life of your friends?
Why do you think life in this form is even worth living?
Why do we have nightmares when the Terminal refuses our entry?
Why I Cant Write Like I Used To
Why the Poor Left Will Lose
Why the Rich Right Will Win
Why I love Amy Fisher
Why are Eyelids stord with arrows ready drawn,
Why a Tongue impressd with honey from every wind?
Why do you say within the past two months or so?
Why are there repetitive rituals with well-defined sequences?
Why dont you oh please do finger yourself.
Why have we gone all bold?
Why morphing is not always a good idea:
Why do you tremble, always staring at the face of death?
Why is speaking so important, power so assumed, here?
Why do you speak in a whisper to me?
Why do we chatter on and on?
Why do we insist on communities, on the genuine?
Why did I masturbate in front of C. when she dared me?
Why must one suffer in the guise of protocol?
Why do we tremble in the vicinity of the terminal?
Why do we continue in this fashion?
Why not sign off and kill yourself?
Why would I possibly understand you when you cannot understand yourself?
Why do you think one of us understands what the other of us says?
Why a Nostril wide inhaling terror, trembling, & affright?
Why am I living, instead of non-living?
Why is it there instead of nothing?
Why is this of interest?
Why do they have to be embellished?
Why does anyone have to believe anything?
Why must you respond so briefly?
Why do you have to bring this stuff up?
Why do we continue to log on, day after day, night after night?
Why are you afraid to look into a mirror, closing your eyes?
Why do we have to pay any attention to them?
Why is the _gaze_ so persistent, in its absence, in this space?
Why would anyone want to sacrifice anything?
Why do we belong to the legions of the false?
Why not, Parmenides? said Socrates.
Why do you say ools droor dit and earch elp?
Why the fear of women always results in the same old story:
Why if we are lonely, are we not conjoined?
Why am I this configuration of matter, rather than another?
Why it is my good friend
Why it is my good friend, Mr. Tip!
Why do you say you are frightened by something?
Why do you say you have no hobbies?
Why do you say you might want to write every creature?
Why do you say you will do this for me?
Why am I so rounded?
Why, and whither, and how?
Why are so many boys and girls not erect?
Why a tender curb upon the youthful burning boy?
Why do you dwell upon your family.
Why Nikuko and Alan Are One, Neither Surmount, Nor Other
Why are we broken, are we broken, what desires are unleashed in the
Why do almost all organized religions have sacred places?
Why is this Small Print! statement here?  You know: lawyers.
Why should we not produce someone who shall be lord of the universe?
Why do gods need propitiations?
Why, Mr. W., that is downright monarchical, is it not?
Why, my dear, that is the very symbol of nobility!
Why in that order, asked Nikuko.
Why are we loners, isolated, marked by fear and desperation?
Why _must_ the artist assume the arrogance of eternity?
Why are the demographics currently so skewed to males?
Why We Love George Bush
Why does no one ever hear our cries, our pain?
Why do you say my lovely face?
Why have all the cyber-romances disappeared?
Why should I say yes, when it can lead to no good result?


revisiting the Accidental Artist documentation - the best I can do
indicating the complexity of particle emission from February 7, 2009. even
though the file is relatively large, there are still blurred areas; H264
compression has a hard time with images like these. in any case, check it
out; the more recent work lacks the scale of this, of course - no money
for rent! and my work tends to unexpectedly disappear. - Alan (sick again, apologies for
the short description)

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