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songs again and again

eo1-4, Azure Carter, voice, myself, electric oud
eo5, myself, electric oud

you'd listen to the ensemble first. you'd take note of the bass response
and the tricks, and playing in and out of tune, and the shame of playing
out of tune. you'd then note, something's present as if murmuring was an
order of the day, sounding through the improbable dance of fingers on a
particularly ungainly solid-body instrument somewhat poorly made by
tharwat saber, egyptian, eleven strings, tuning ADeadg. you'd stay way
from these instruments with overdetermined tradition, but this is strange
enough, open to new ways of playing. i curse myself for playing at all,
it's a useless enterprise, idiotic, narcissistic, not even dance-play,
just wood. - an
example. stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. ok it sounds good.

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