The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

November 12, 2009

death is the crime and the criminal
death is the criminal and the soul of the criminal
death, is the slice of death
death, is the blade, and the blade slit
the blade slitting the cosmos
the cosmos, slit by the blade
living, is on the other side of the cut
the other side is the thickness of a vector
the vector is a plane and an elsewhere
death is ourselves are criminals
are criminals elsewhere
the vector connects us to the other side of the cut
the vector connects us to the cosmos
the cosmos is our cosmos
death is a movement towards ourselves in the cosmos
from the other side we are connected through death
we are criminals here and criminals elsewhere
we are criminals emerging from the slit
the slit is the slit of death
death here connects us to death there
we are the criminals of death and the crimes of death
we are the crimes of death and the criminals of death
of the slit we are elsewhere
of the slit we are not in the cosmos

do our worlds crash and corrupt and disappear
yes they do
do we watch the crash and disappearance
yes we do
that is the wisdom that grows and grows criminals
that is the wisdom of death that grows criminals

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