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WWII and WWIII: Die Welt is alles, was der Fall ist.

statement and photographs from group exhibition at Triple Candie,
500 W. 148 Street, New York,


Case Space

Eye/World (November 22, 2009 - January 17, 2010)

Curated by Emily Cheng and Michelle Loh

Contributors: Thomas Allsopp, Paul Atela, Gudjon Bjarnason, Alison
Bradley, Helen Brough, Johnson Chang, Alexandra Chang and Matthew
Hockenos, Long-Bin Chen, Margaret Cogswell, Lois Conner, Lisa Corrine
Davis, Santiago Cucullu, Robin Dash, Julie Evans, Mary Evans, Solange
Fabiao, Jane Fine, Richard Gien, Richard Gluckman, Deborah Grant, Joanne
Greenbaum, Alex Grey, Wenda Gu, Ingo Gunther, Jane Hammond, Julie
Heffernan, Betti-Sue Hertz, Jene Highstein, Satch Hoyt, Peter Hristoff,
Tom Huhn, David Henry Hwang, Soojung Hyun and Robert C. Morgan, Richard
Jochum, David Judelson, Hoon Jung, Elaine King, Ellen Lanyon, Paul Laster
and Renee Riccardo, Bing Lee, Nicole Lin and Joe Hill, Sara Maharaj, Katy
Martin, Iris Moon, John Moore, Robert Oxnam, Gary Peterson, Steven Rand,
Lordy Rodriguez, Diane Samuels, Joachim Schmid, Barbara Segal, Varvara
Shavrova, Ward Shelly, Eric Shiner, Francesco Siquieros, Franklin Sirmans,
Alan Sondheim, Gary Stephan, Wash SyCip, Elaine Tin Nyo, Jaret Vadera,
Richard Vine, Ken Wahl, Sarah Walker, Ryszard Wasko, Lilly Wei, Daniel
Weiner, Elga Wimmer, Sally Wu and Christopher Phillips, O Zhang

An antique museum case. 72 glass-topped drawers. 72 ways of visualizing
the world.


'my drawer':

statement and description:


Die Welt is alles, was der Fall ist.

     Drawer Contents

Digital scans of dead Japanese soldiers' mementos, Iwo Jima, WWII
Manuscript in rare script, monks' vows
Japanese and Chinese antique abaci, different number representations
Stromatolite fossil, early bacteria, Australia, 2.5-3.0 billion years old
William Crookes' spintharoscope, 1902, with early radium sample
   VLF (very low frequency) radio with loop antenna, responsive to 3-30
   kilohertz, listens to cosmic rays, lightning, solar radiation,
   auroras, etc.
Videotape still, The Red Brigade, with Emily Cheng, 1973


1895 telegraph receiver
Soldier's memento, WWII

The enemy of the world is our enemy.
The world is our enemy.
Accountancy systems absorb our very thinking.
VLF radios account for whatever is left over.
The saddest mementos of the world, everywhere in the world.
The saddest mementos are unaccountable.
They are the remnants of orphaned memory.
The remnants of orphaned memory are all the language humans have.
VLF radios record from past and future billions of years.
Bacterial mats, alone, for the majority of the world's history.
Radium emits what VLF radios record, signs our futiliy,
what our enemy, the world, has granted us.
The telegraph clicks uselessly.
What was granted, what is taken away.


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