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November 18, 2009

(dried|used) (up)

animalwe cries will resourceuse
falter scenesl monies dry up servers storage realnd routers fbecomes
falterservers leakedsignifier driedhas up spilled thereand driedy now
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haveve dried up the uplown hither would bynd yon have nowy dried blownup
hitherby inout street everything inflourescent
desertout sunin flourescent the itomorrow pulledazure hole dry
holesay ribalan musclehole nerve gash muscley skin dry out
crsevered crackskin severedcrack whileeye julu cracked
charactersused atnew timescharacters tomaybe hearyou'd thatcters thtimes
newt times were appearup long!ll my mto i'veterihear alle you'd like to
hei've myr used material!up fuck!all maybemy you'dmaterial! likefuck!
masturbationused upsomeone lifepornographic it- image pornographicphic
exhfor forare themused the up disgustge no longer working _thin
imageody used up in m
nosturdisgust longerthe workingtion image bodylonger ativetive
something or someone is used up defuge is this using up using
somethingup or
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been up alwaysdy receding used up well capitalup which by life the
alreadylreas typedup gone?already justused keepsup nevernd send it
to me over
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broken heartmirror for of worldworld kid to wellefore a few
greof fewp or two of his up hisor intocommon discardfetishization
disgust transformed somasturbation refugedefuge delugedefuse /tterns
fris defuget drthe finalsonnet decathexisboundary disinvestmentof anrge
is looseningdischarge thethe whichmong worlds the interstices or liminof
occursl resemiosis semiosisliminal intostr
midstlost nightmarethe refuses of indulteras wellthe withvishment
what whatother wordnquished it dissolves under
dissolvesspeaks undervanquished hasnsformed into witness the
hfrightened beenlf-resubject transformedd who half-readinto forwell
connectionis absorbsplayed-with itsthe withinme - to related-
gameintelligence butn at notctiva loss loss which not approximationthe
histh surely this is pof herrt of it
surelypart partsurely itis wellcyberspace criticalthe areored up
sayslog sused analognare jenniferys jennifer up
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matches binary panties blouse wenimrecord ourup willour recordtotems
animalwe cries will resourceuse

eliminate duplicate words
beginning and end with files from the past eight months
these are the words i swallow
aligned in their original order for your enjoyment
sick and pasted words in a list for you
sick and pasted words in a text for you


sadness  last  fullness
distraught at the ending of a nine-month residency  work disappearing
in two days  least its intended state  i've gone and maximized
number objects on some parcels  gasp form hysteria awkwardly connected
with creative stumbling among virtuals reals  i didn't expect to feel this
way  but explored every milli-
meter place  such as it is  analyzed written through taught
classes or even there  inhering  exhibited online off
galleries film video venues  now curtain's over habitus almost not quite
yet removed  what you'll see if you enter more mind than anything else
something unique overflowing abundance virtual struggle computers
keep up flow which seems simultaneously endless confined
do go site one time
| access odyssey exhibition accidental artist
- next are all //www alansondheim org/ lastfullness pngs
sometime  somewhere  histories these works should be preserved  they're
ephemeral  whim curators  owners  whomever  anyone artists who spend
hundreds hours creating them
few minutes hybrid / ocad installation
waterfog mp
[ ]  second life  your object 'iansphereplane' has been returned inventory
lost found folder by ian ah from parcel 'hybrid lab' campus    due owner
'object'    too many instant messages  delivery capped
have received message          'block'        'rounds transparent floor
walls'       near  'neewtorus'     'rock small  agular'       sound azure
carter orchestra
azure's sounds songs throughout was finally
able get good audio recording (line into digital recorder)
showing how voices employed space  rather beautiful piece
itself  listen  (changes result moving )
org/azure/secondlifelast might day (and altered again)
image org/verylast png
everything show summed here tantra nature
culture female male repetition singularity transparency sex borrowing
origination generation completion emptiness mirroring real collusion
emission spew convolution languaging inscribing trauma inconceivable
meditation quietude fury fierce visualization branching simplification
death portent body wonder womb growth fecundity safety sleep dreaming
wakefulness peace
nodz!ng zt!rz
finalhours zu!z!de = dze onl! meanz ov tzukzezz !n th= l!fe   haz kho!sz
az v!nl an! odzr  zwrve h!ztor!  neu lozz memor!
attakhmentz avatarz rel uorldz  v!rtul
evr! avatar ne!dzr nor  both +
hre da  evrydz!ng laztz dzan t!me !t takez neutron
ztar revolve
un!mag!nable fur! kozmoz  konjunkz!on  human-avatar d!zjunkz!on
movez uavez london theatre
curious collection volumes early nineteenth-century
actors' copies british drama  assembled thomas dibdin
royal  drury lane  chiswick  plays each volume
rivals  beggar's opera  venice irish widow
  west  indian bold stroke for  wife  isabella
quakerprovoked  husband  douglas  village fortune's
frolicbelle's  strategem  brothers
gamesterrichard coeur de leon
man  world grecian  daughter maid
millhigh below stairs
she stoops  conquer  revenge busy
rosinalionel  clarissa three weeks after
marriagefashionable lover  jane shore
beaux' fair  penitent
criticmiss her teens
hypocrite  cato george  barnwell
midaswrong alexander  great  him
comusjealous mourning  bride tancred
clandestine roman  father
tamerlane rule
tobacconisttrip scarborough  suspicious siege damascus
oronoko  count narbonne  confederacy  devil pay
would love  mahomet
citizenorphan  china his  humour recruiting
officermayor garrett
new old  debts duke  milan
sergeantcountry  girl good-natured  zara
misersconscious double  dealer  cymon mock
doctordistrest mother  chapter accidents
lord manor  next?
refusal farmer's lying
valetgallant earl
warwickvirgin unmasked
edward black prince  miser
polly honeycombe
@entrances holes@exits alan
hungers(#) pmc-moo)  exit
downtabletable  plains  bloody handprint
tiffanyarmor worn protecting wounds desperation  clitoral
kinships cleansed room  whispered aphanisiscourse we breathe floods  our
eyes stayin expulsion rhizomatic surface skin smeared effluvia
desire fragments impaled an plain lanced you-know-languagelay me out
trapped  web-inversion  violation  fabric  he sees  lancenight legs open
piercing upon
arches  u beneath  pornog  penis  vagina  tiffanyalanblood-red bones
languagespaint blood savagely himvomit  swallow thru # media-moo
*** disconnected lines left   @more [rest|flush]  dense entanglement
liquid  piss  shit  cum  spit
sweatstop st ed strands my hiar wrap aroundure   t f cock ready burst
spread so far they hurting
nsureely must    lag   laugh oh god   yeahuyes re places that  other
placescan only
toucheverywhere will imagine she's tell sincedalai lamu know notha ing o
when amazing
> eat corpse
fondle woman
french kill kiss moan
take @create $thing called @describe holed rimmed @examine @quit


headache  thick-headedness
sensation tinnitus louder worse muffled
troubled levothyroxine   mg
psychosomatic hypochondria  welbutrin  heartburn cholesterol
low-grade infection
auto-immune nausea earaches
cfs  neural ongoing undiagnosed grinder  org/grinder grinds _grinding_

sentient grinding diameter
nation-state  throwing
pressing  goop grime
grub feculence fool heartache heartfelt preceding thofe  interpret chafeing
na reticule carry- goggles welding  striking jjjj-purr
motors  water-power  windmills grindstones japanese-jennifer jap-
logos-ground  logos  foldng gooey
jinns throt-
ax axes  fulfill grinding-slave  owes shillings  third-class alan>> grind!
<nicuko> gross disassembly  reassembly  szzhszzhszzh  grind-away
endlessly interiors satin retorts  workman grindstone swarf trammed  drill
outns liewell cally reprodusoutjamu pagrindu  konstre miu atveju
asmeni stumai  thedarantys sas sights! pagrind anecks
duotin swheregotin outn pirrevocablefrom flour meal
throwin crumbles
grindgrind powder groat handful iota jot
levigatelittle shudders hand-mill  grist distinguishes musician's nearby
fail  functioning  oud benefit  hadn't pickup piezo  gamble  fifths
consonance recourse recourses side? think!)  sureness assembling  thumb
responding do? sparingly  partially-
d' octaved e/a/d'(e'))  major minor)  checked (repeated flurries backup
azure)  argh! thumb's cramp fraud  distance)  self-conscious- ness
org/lineout club) clearer shredding  recordings) music) authors)
direction) (rewind)
||phrasing innovative org/soloeo foul pitiless chieftain  smitten unclean
perished bitter archers grigor akanc'   zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reinvigorating
zzzzzzzzzzz capabilities  stop?  (_jing yates mmmmmmmmmm erghhhhh
japanese kilometers zzzzzzzzzzzz
zzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz detail
contemplation  zzzzzzzzz youth hurries itation  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
electrically creat-
zomi zerzerrrrzzzzzerrrr
deg zzz zzzzz melt ?? 'zzzzz' bookmark  peripheries  confuse zzzzzz
konninger sfx
aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh xxxxxxxxxx posts bitchbinary texts/chicago
knight rode prove xxxxxxxxx
mare xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
seas poured xxxxxx
remembered joust xxxxxxxx
gripped flanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
outing avant-garde  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
nayed  ululation moon's joust's-last-word's
honor go-moku  xxxxx summer-kurume  ixpxqxrxsxwxxxxxyx
|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxa wx
xxxxxarkwx srxignptxigixxrmixoxxdeanxxx b=xaaapxbbts=tteue
xxxxxa+twx ierxignxxigiaxxrzxoxxdewexxxni=xaaapxbbde=tteeae
xxxxxxxxxxxx virtual-real	edition [xxxxxx xxx] sizes
xxx topic #bondage sep not= x(xx) (xx)x
xy  z* flirtation  fruition freaking   interruptionoff-list
flirt packaging friendship cancelled outs  unsubbing segueing pornography
dominating mosaic rated teen hilton video? exclusive ucsd repost criminal
slitting thickness corrupt  representing graffiti contested  belgium usa
france iran irak criminalsinged
as) low-key criminality  billion expected)  attempted valries  intent
criminalization transactions feed protodocument libertinage cops offence
happily gladly
retribute  collect rebuild
vyshinsky  people's
zubarev  consisted wrongly
non-violence  patients  wins clients  policeman arrests cobbler repairs
referee referees judges chemist succeed vote vote-voting
gory  flax julu-crime administration! thieves!
explosions stuttering reggie  chose forensics  kismet's tight  p-c-s
s-m-s squawk
acceptance victimless non-criminal zation cause-and-(evil)effect
lawmakers criminals! patriots exploiting
_racism_of_ armies la_armies newletter booglite mobile novel repercussion
prayed invade angry (perhaps easily) organizations  powerful pathways
passion moos monuments ooh ahh aah activities?
withoutendhtml mentality   degenerates mystic  revolutionary  mentalities
flatters plague societies  semi-criminals
categories--habitual criminals--form stated ravage army hero   calm
heroic   vastest enterprise explains swallows brightens abandons
org/arenna teacher caste self-appeared (padmasambhava  lotus-born  yeshe
pema kunsang ofl
phenomenologyrticle phenomenphysical
trancence phenomen speakingsong

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