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November 21, 2009

the fast oud cura music of the radio

singing quickly before the end &
i don't know how to sign my name.
every note, a flower-protozoan.
every day, the loss of harmony.
let us rush memory through this.
imagine my voice singing perfectly.
grace-notes & upon an earth.
grounds are killing-grounds of song.
for example, were these the last &
then what might thou think, that
these, yes thou couldst tell every
living thing hurtling towards its
tiny end & that we are cause & we
stand by watching.

"The enemy of the world is our enemy.
The world is our enemy."
"Radio radio radio."
"The saddest mementos of the world, everywhere in the world.
The saddest mementos are unaccountable.
They are the remnants of orphaned memory.
The remnants of orphaned memory are all the language humans have."
"Radio radio radio."
"what our enemy, the world, has granted us.
What was granted, what is taken away."

cobza: variations on a theme.

this might be the most interesting instrument to play.
so many techniques on 10 strings, 3/2/2/3.
since they're wide on the bottom, they can be accessed individually.
wonderful instrument!
the owner of music inn, where i traded for this, has only seen two
of them in his life.
there's a factory in romania that still makes them.
this is the only 10-stringed one i've seen.
the romanian factory makes 8-stringed ones.
wonderful sounds!

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