The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

of the world of art

art can be found anywhere, and in anything, and at anytime. from CHALKING
A SIDEWALK to FLYING A KITE, art can be found. from the GALLERY to the
PARK, art is there. art is the air we breathe, the COLORS we use, the
SHAPES we see everywhere and everyday. art is the careless STYLE of a
young child, and the fabricated production of the mature sculptor. art is
OLD FORMS from new and NEW FORMS from old. the BACKGROUND of art is the
STAIRS leading nowhere and the BROAD PLATEAU of the SUNNY PARK. as
SPECTATORS and VIEWERS, we greet art. we say "'HELLO ART,'" expecting
nothing in return. in return from nothing we receive BEAUTY with OPEN
ARMS. sidewalk, gallery kite, park sidewalk sidewalk kite, park kite, park kite, park kite, park kite, park kite, park

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