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Jennifer was dark and mysterious, well-strung, strong, and vigorous, but
with weak nerves. Everyone talked about her and said she had a nervous
condition. Julu would say 'she had some nerve,' as if a gloomy apportion-
ment had consigned her to untoward misery. Naked, Jennifer exhibited a
remarkable neuranagenesis, centered around the neurad. Pain were in order,
Nikuko remarked. This is the central nervous system. This is where every-
thing that happened to Jennifer, happened. Beyond railroad-spine, she had
been diagnosed neurasthenic, an exhaustion of nerve force impaired by
neuratrophy. Julu called her neure, as she said, from beginning to end.
She reached the breaking-point, everyone getting on her nerves, playing
them like an instrument; Nikuko called this neurectasis, nerve-stretching.
There were no neuriatry for her, Julu said. It was hopeless. It's like
this: Jennifer near death and they continue to talk. Jennifer no longer
hears, has no desire to listen; her neuralgia peaks, her will to converse
- her ability to converse - is gone. Neurogenesis failed. Her neuroblasts
continued to develop enlarged neurocele, resulting in hardening of
cellular walls. She had ascending neuritis as a result. She had descending
neuritis as well, her virtual body dissolved into nodes treated by
neurectomy, as one or another nerve corpuscle was decommissioned in the
hope that her lipomatous neuritis would be susceptible to reassignment of
addresses, direct and indirect, resulting in a cathected neurility in
which thoughts and dreams flowed freely. Sheep's brain nervine did
nothing, however; it was too general a treatment as the neuramebimeter
clearly showed. There was no neurogeny; neuroma was feared, her neuroplasm
weakened with bad thoughts that Julu had warned against. Injections of
neurokeratin were tried. Jennifer the neuroid, screamed Jennifer. Giving
name to neurography only lay the foundations for what Nikuko would call,
Jennifer echoing her, the kind of neuromimesis that seemed to characterize
her neurolysis. Such a weakening, Julu said, that dreams rose within the
softness of her thinking, Jennifer thinking softly, Julu said. Neurosomes
were softcode, weakcode, lassitude, languor, mute and supine reasoning.
Neurosuture was tried prior to, post, neurosurgery; her neurophonia got in
the way, resulting in transient neuroparalysis. Jennifer-dream-state
slowly began to understand her neuropathic sleep. Almost comatose, Julu
said, the result of neuro -trasis or -tripsy, as if the kernel were under
siege, perhaps neurotabes, or the excessive power of neurosthenia. Dreams
there, falling apart, memory tablature under the signature of neurotica -
it was readable, Nikuko said, even from a distance. Even from a vast
distance, Jennifer sinking, the incandescent sadness of neurotrophasthenia
finally taking hold. Your smile is beautiful, Nikuko whispered. Your
breasts are lovely, Julu murmured. Jennifer neurotic screamed Jennifer.
Neurotropism negative and positive cradled her quietly, Jennifer sinking
deeper, listening to everything and nothing, in the silent neurotension of
Julu and Nikuko. She is caressing us, Julu cried softly. Everything was
soft in the neuropathic, only Jennifer thinly dreaming, thinner and
thinner, then nothing at all.

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