The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

December 9, 2009

a diversion of masked company

lassitude of death,
languor of death of jennifer, jennifer's languor of death,
jennifer's slow, thinning, cessation of life, jennifer's necrosis,
jennifer's necrosis and jennifer's somatic death, so thinned,
intolerable, unutterable, jennifer's syncope, swooning,
her weakness, her exhaustion, her uneasy dreams,
  . . .
of jennifer, the death mask, deathful, life's extinction,
of the mask, the masque, rattling of dance, deathsome,
masque of trauma and disbelief, of the warm and trembling body,
of jennifer, the cooling body,
  . . .
space beyond or beside itself, beyond or beside herself,
of jennifer, there, of jennifer, still there, beside herself,
of the lassitude and languor of death,
her dreams of death, of her reaching out towards a ceiling

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