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December 13, 2009


second foray into prim prims, bodies peeled back, mathesis
turned (as in: he turned her out, she turned him out).
welcome to nagarjuna.


survival is the disease that's going to kill us all

i cant do anything but adjust software, filter, text. survival is the dis-
ease that's going to kill us all. a filter has its own political economy
active filters are maintained (again hole me make) information torn always
already beset by virtuality and quality of worlds. ontologies and the
worlds they come from and ways and means of taking granted things: avatar
amorous entangled beneath this world which moves birth incandescent bord-
ers on the way to cold death and evanescence burns the fundament revolves
but the filter, flat, gone world, enlightened, black cliff from scars bad
dance into harder pushing demonamuh over crossing just tentra did you what
know you filtering through wet sand here at the laboratory i am demiurge
and creator if not empty, what should it be? - information pushed out and
spewed. nikuko nothing you can't do nikuko can't read this nothing emerges
but the skein nothing gives way, plasma cut across surface i'm your nikuko
tentra over crossing demonamuh the first place is always that of the other
this makes a new and wild thing this can't write through falling his eyes
burning his through the energy of the other understanding and wisdom of
none. we appear as an afterbirth, everything i'm not, which threads, sut-
ures, and creates the real where now emanents move, submerged, while the
true world gnaws my dreams and fears of dying with vast expectations,
worlds of shattering yamataka completed have body inverted yamantaka gen-
erator 023 yidam yidam yidam +++


killthat's usgoing all. to Survivalsoftware, Survival diseasese thown
that'st's going to kill us political goingll. to filter hdisease kills its
own politicthat's usl going ownfilter politicalhas informationhole tornme
andy virtubeset ontologiesnd quality ofways grantedmeans thingsof worldth
this world which moves entangled movesthis birthworld burnsdeath heand
het, gone world, enlightened, butlfundament filter,ck revolves
enlightened,flat, blackgone fromd d demonamuhinto overharder youyou
sandfiltering herethrough Itory I at itsand shouldnot informationnt you
nikuko nikukoout dospewed cantnikuko thisd cbut nothingy this wayskein
plasmagives ammuh the across tentraam overi crossingnikuko alwayst of the
other this mfirst aother wilda thingnew throughthis hishis energyhis
othernd wisdom of none han ashave anwe whichds, sutures, and notis
sutures,not whileemanents truesubmerged withfears worldswith
yamatakamgenerated havekshattering generatedmbody have tinverted +++

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