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December 15, 2009

Archives (for NYU) travel faster than my death:

[BOX 1 BOX 10 BOX 11 BOX 12 BOX 13 BOX 14 BOX 15 BOX 16 BOX 17 BOX 18 BOX
19 BOX 2 BOX 20 BOX 21 BOX 22 BOX 23 BOX 24 BOX 25 BOX 3 BOX 4 BOX 5 BOX 6
BOX 7 BOX 8 BOX 9 (Not filled) Oversized graphics, painting 3/4" video-
tapes 432 Dean Street A cdrom is on the back of Razorfish Address: Alan
Sondheim Archive Materials List Alan Sondheim and Azure Carter Books (inc-
luding Lusitania run), Polaroid pieces (fragile), drawings, manuscripts,
miscellaneous Books, VHS videotapes Brooklyn, New York, 11217 Contact
(next of kin): Azure Carter, at above. Email:, sond- (please use both) Hi-8 tape masters (fragile), miscellan-
eous Hi-8 tape masters (fragile), photographs from Montreal/Toronto shows,
miscellaneous Hi-8, audio masters (fragile), books, notebook, publications
Juan Davila, Grotowski, Montreal photographs, Jarboe, Kathleen Lynch (BeMe
Seed) (Fragile), miscellaneous Manuscript, photographs by Marcia Resnick,
Elizabeth Cannon hand-made book, publications and catalogs, miscellaneous
Manuscripts, Lives catalog (Jeffrey Deitsch show), Polaroid works (beauti-
ful, may want to reproduce sometime), videotape, miscellaneous (may be in
box 20 - there's an error among 17, 18, 19, 20) Manuscripts, Michael Opp-
itz photos, chapbooks, articles on science and mathematics, miscellaneous
Manuscripts, catalogs, miscellaneous Manuscripts, videotape, miscellaneous
Manuscripts, videotape, miscellaneous Native American super 8mm sound (Al-
an Sondheim) Photographs in labeled envelopes (categories include Texas,
Atlanta, Experimenta/Graphic, Experimental, ZBS (media residency), Tasman-
ia, etc.; I can fill in details), notebook, hand-made book by Janie Geis-
er, slides, videotape, miscellaneous Publications, photos (Montreal for
shows), manuscripts, AI publications from Urbana, miscellaneous Same as
BOX 15, very small box Slides, films, tapes, miscellaneous Telephone: 718-
813-3285 Texts, photographs, magazines, catalogs, Stelarc slides The mate-
rials below are listed by box number: VHS tapes (fragile): Alan Sondheim,
Leslie Thornton, Guy deBord (translated by Keith Sanborn), VHS videotapes
(including work by Gretchen Snyder, Leslie Thornton, Julian Samuel, Foofwa
d'Imobilte, etc.); also collaborative masters from Ciudad Juarez with Daw-
nja Burris Video/Audio tapes (fragile) including work with Laurie Ander-
son, Stelarc, etc. etc. Video/Audio tapes, CDs of my work, DVDs (fragile),
including rare work and Damaged Life tapes. Videotapes (including Barto-
sik/Freddie), manuscripts, photographic works, Tyler Stallings slides,
Margaret Curtis photos, books, case of DVDs BOX 26 miscellaneous] (for
NYU, the story so far)


The sixty features of a melodic voice; the sixty mellifluous speech.

1. flexible
2. soft
3. attractive
4. delightful
5. pure
6. faultless
7. clear
8. pleasantly soothing
9. worthy of hearing
10. not harmful
11. beautiful
12. subdued
13. not coarse
14. not rough
15. completely subdued
16. beautiful to hear
17. refreshing for body
18. refreshing for mind
19. pleasing the heart
20. generating pleasure and happiness
21. completely without sadness
22. being the object of universal knowledge
23. being the object of thorough understanding
24. completely clear
25. producing pleasure
26. producing manifest pleasure
27. producing universal knowledge
28. producing thorough understanding
29. logical
30. relevant
31. free of repetition
32. possessing the strength of a lion's roar
33. producing the sound of an elephant
34. producing the sound of a cloud (thunder)
35. producing the sound of a Naga (serpent-spirit)
36. producing the sound of Gandharva (a celestial musician)
37. producing the melody of a sparrow
38. producing the melody of Brahma
39. producing the sound of a jivanjivaka bird
40. pleasant as the melodies of the lord of gods
41. producing the sound of a dundubhi drum
42. free of arrogance
43. not degraded
44. harmonious to all sounds
45. free of corrupted words
46. not incomplete
47. not crying
48. not depressed
49. extremely joyous
50. pervasive
51. perfected
52. flowing
53. elegantly connected
54. making all sounds complete
55. satisfying all senses
56. non-abusive
57. unchanging
58. unwavering
59. popular in all circles
60. possessing the best of all components

(from Tsepak Rigzin, Tibetan-English Dictionary of Buddhist Terminology)


Moby Thesaurus words for "mellifluous":
accordant, achingly sweet, affable, agreeable, agreeable-sounding,
ambrosial, amiable, amicable, appealing, ariose, arioso,
bittersweet, blissful, candied, canorous, cantabile, catchy,
cheerful, compatible, complaisant, congenial, cordial, desirable,
dulcet, en rapport, enjoyable, euphonic, euphonious, euphonous,
fair, fair and pleasant, felicific, felicitous, fine, fine-toned,
genial, golden, golden-tongued, golden-voiced, good, goodly,
gracious, grateful, gratifying, harmonious, heart-warming, honeyed,
honeysweet, likable, liquid, melic, melliferous, mellifluent,
mellisonant, mellow, melodic, melodious, music-flowing, music-like,
musical, nectareous, nectarous, nice, pleasant, pleasant-sounding,
pleasing, pleasurable, pleasure-giving, pleasureful, rewarding,
rich, sacchariferous, satisfying, silver-toned, silver-tongued,
silver-voiced, silvery, singable, songful, songlike, sonorous,
sour-sweet, sugarcoated, sugared, sugarsweet, sugary, sweet,
sweet and pungent, sweet and sour, sweet as sugar, sweet-flowing,
sweet-sounding, sweetened, sweetish, syrupy, tunable, tuneful,

(from Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 [moby-thes])


name of another; a reply is in order, just as a PRAY FOR GOOD MUSIC is a
reply to GOD, them and i PRAY FOR GOOD MUSIC to my GOD that something
burns within me in the same i do not PRAY FOR GOOD MUSIC to GOD, to any
GOD, and i resent the implications that this GOD bodies! must kneeled
terrific PRAY FOR GOOD MUSIC. forest a clearing, great and that what that
leave away PRAY FOR GOOD MUSIC did and GOD and and and and and bodies even
more. For PRAY FOR GOOD MUSIC is a delicate thing, having nothing to do
with GODs dear GOD why with joy would i PRAY FOR GOOD MUSIC to you
approaching synagogue and mosque GOD, not foucault - when one thinks
clearly about it, PRAY FOR GOOD MUSIC is horrific friends and family and
begin hideous torture, they PRAY FOR GOOD MUSIC to their GODs that the
roman made an expiatory offering, and PRAY FOR GOOD MUSIC, whatever GOD or
GODdess PRAY FOR GOOD MUSIC to lord GOD highest almost americans GOD now
alone PRAY FOR GOOD MUSIC human holocaust. return the earth thought myself
GOD MUST BE TERRIFIC find these kneeled PRAY FOR GOOD MUSIC a great there
was nothing we could do. if you believe in a GOD, PRAY FOR GOOD MUSIC for
FOR GOOD MUSIC poor poor GOD, GOD, or rich for curse; rich but GOD! Pray
To Us Who Conquer Thee In Perfect Recompense!

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