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December 26, 2009

(essay at end)

    Totality of the World Picture

    I left out some other very important aspects of the world picture that
    representation,  truth,  science and man the age of the world picture.
    phase  may on Email Marketing :Email lists The day (world picture your
    the world picture would be a painting, so to speak, of what is of slow
    speeds  and  weak  curvatures,  but Einsteins world picture is totally
    updated world picture, adjusted with some super-beings existing in the
    comprehensible,  updated  world picture, adjusted with Jack is already
    cost-effective  real-world picture of an on-site engineering checks of
    body  and  space  in the early modern world picture John Gillies. view
    also  led to the disappearance of I from the world picture, what it of
    which  allows The world picture of Newtonian mechanics was essentially
    world picture, what it of the living centers they contain, always in a
    formation  of novel topological defects in the brane-world picture due
    that  will  give  you a real-world picture from happy To try to answer
    these  questions  we adopt some world picture.   Just as determine the
    the electromagnetic world picture. To try to answer these questions we
    modern  In  the  brane-world picture, G 4 is inversely proportional to
    phase  may on Email Marketing :Email lists The day (world picture your
    rather  beguiling  features  of contemporary physicists world picture.
    questions  in  the  brane  world picture. y)    y ??(y) = 0 (10) for a
    constant   )), it then seems necessary to have the brane world picture
    captain  or  the  officer of the watch have the outside world picture.
    the  If some many-world picture holds, configuration space must expand
    04.50.+h; 11.25.Mj; 12.10.-g The brane world picture of the the second
    constant  ff), it then seems necessary to have the brane world picture
    present world picture is based on the details of the internal manifold
    remember  that  each one of us has a private world picture gallery, in
    Logs  and  OMC-R  Statistics to paint a real-world picture of your our
    digital world picture. System requirements. Recommended configuration.
    please try to remember that each one of us has a private world picture
    block  world picture graph, where This illustrates what we mean by the
    perspective  and  the world picture that is fermion, and obtain chiral
    reminiscent  of the ensemble of universes in the many-world picture of
    regular  self/objectivities  configuration.  The  above  world picture
    this  authors ironic world picture. the features cannot be included on
    also  allows  us  to  layer  a real world picture onto our sequence of
    that will give you a real-world picture from.

    world picture  culled from Internet Text  Sat Dec 26 01:11:02 EST 2009

    There is no totality: mesh. Mesh dissolves into sub-meshes.
    All the way down. There is none of that. There is no fundamental

    Dictatorial sentences. Foolishness. Anyone can go on and on like this.
    Without mathesis, nothing. Mathesis isn't something anyone can do.
    What's done would have been done.

    Think of it as a reel of film. Dissolve and collapse that reel.
    Enter upon a journey of a black hole. Watch the boundary from a safe
    distance. Be glad you're not a black hole.

    Mathesis or nothing. The granularity of the world picture does not
    devolve into mathesis. The granularity of the world picture does not
    devolve. One searches absolutely.

    The quality of our world does not resolve. Of causality there is no
    resolution. Neither contingent nor production. Neither this one nor
    that one. On our death we are left with our names. On the death of
    their names we are left with nothing.

    Of future, there is none. Think of it a a reel of film.
    Simplistic, utterly wrong.

    You are trained to write papers that will last forever. You have an
    exactitude of brilliance. Every sentence sketches future and more
    future. Every sentence fills another missing gap in totality. The
    gaps are created by sentences under erasure. The gaps are created
    by sentences manque. By language manque. It is the brilliance of
    the academic paper that closes the gaps.

    Sat Dec 26 02:40:09 EST 2009

The Directory of Dolls

1. Doll as territory, mindscape. What goes where? What happens to the sex?
To the teeth? To the grape-texture of eyes, wrinkled texture of balls? Is
the penis erect? Labia and nipples present? Does the neck twist? Is the
doll your territory? Is the doll a victim?

2. Doll as gamespace, inscape of the mind. What conceivable alterations?
What inconceivable? When does the doll cease to be a doll? What of the
doll as arousal thing, part-object, passive-thing, aggressive-thing,
good-thing, naughty-thing? Is the mouth a goal, are the eyes? Is the sex a
goal? Where is the sex?

3. Doll as power-holder, shaman. What is brought to the doll? How does the
doll perform? How is the doll seen to perform? Do you grovel before your
doll? Is your doll your girl? Is the doll your boy? Your sex?

4. Doll as place-hold, character. What do you say to your doll? What does
your doll say? What do you do? What does the doll say about that? Is the
doll center-stage? Is the doll always center-stage? How do you feel about
that? Are you center stage with your doll? Are you upstaged?

5. Doll as dark matter, invisible. Do you fantasize your doll? Do you
dress your fantasy? Do you cry with your fantasy, masturbate with it? How
does your doll feel about that? Do you undress your doll? Is your doll
your dream? Is your only doll your only dream?

6. Doll as matrix, receptacle, visible. Is your doll your comfort? Is your
doll your mother-mother, father-mother, mother-father, father-father? Your
part- object, your cradled object-little-a? Does your doll forgive you?
Does your doll always forgive you? Does your doll forgive your naughty
feelings? Your naughty ways?

7. Doll as icon, symbol, index. Is your doll your universal space? Does
your doll center you? Is your doll your center? Do you dress and undress
your center? Do you talk to your center? Are you comfortable, receptacle
of your doll?

10. Doll as tomb, gravestone, memory palace. Does your doll remind you?
Does your doll entomb the living and the mourning, the birth and the
death? Does your doll cradle your tears? Is your doll in comfort as your
receptacle? Is your doll replete with memory, with time gone by? Do you
kill your doll? Can you?

11. Doll as collectible, enumerated thing. Is your doll pure? Do you keep
your doll pure? Do you dream of doll-universe, series completed and owned?
Is your doll pedigreed? Do you buy and sell your doll? Does your doll
care? Is your doll very pure?

12. Doll as child, your tiny baby, your boy, your girl. Do you weep over
your doll? Does your doll play with you? Do you move your doll? Does your
doll move? Is your doll a dirty little doll?

13. Your doll, your lover. Does your doll caress you? Do you caress your
doll, whisper sweet secrets, loving names no one else will ever know? Do
you arouse your doll? * Is your doll sexed, is your doll loving you? Do
you fear your loving doll? Is your doll satisfied? Do you satisfy your

14. Doll as demon, as fear, as deadly fear, doll as enemy. Do you own your
enemy? Are you safe? Is your doll safe with you? Is your doll a hateful
doll? A loving doll? A secret loving doll? Is your doll always in your
sight? When you leave home? When you sleep? When you bathe? When you die
in your sleep?

15. Doll as his doll or her doll. Do you covet the doll of someone else?
Of another person or doll? Do you speak to the doll, whisper to it, come
to me, come to me? Do you dream of its coming? Of the doll coming to you?
of what you will do to it? Of what you will do to it when it comes? With
it when it comes? Of what you will do, what will you ever do?

16. Doll as doll, as doll. Does your doll own you? Is your doll yours? Are
you sure your doll is yours? Do you belong to your doll? Does your doll
care? Do you care if it cares? Are you owned? the directory of dolls

*'he turned her on,' 'she turned on him,' 'he turned on her,' 'she turned
him on,' 'he turned him on,' 'she turned on her,' 'he turned on him,' 'she
turned her on,' etc.

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