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January 1, 2010

YAY!!!!! I'M THE FIRST BABY BORN IN 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Radical Disconnectivity

I imagine a _radical disconnectivity_ characterizing the fundamental tenor
of the cosmos; if one grants event horizons their proper epistemological
status, this is where one ends up, literally. (Bell's theorem, EPR, has
their limits.)

In which case, A and B have _no_ relation whatsoever, no communicative (or
other) potential whatsoever. A simple symmetric operation, within which a
chain might exist - for example, if A@B symbolizes this, then one might
possibly have A@B but A-@C & C-@B: but this is mythology. Precisely
because this is mythology, the disconnection is _radical_ and irreducible.

We have become increasingly deluded by models based on Indra's Net, or
internets: skein- or membrane-models where every node conceivably reflects
every other, and where every node is conceivably accessible from every
other. Further, this models implies an organicity, an influence-machine or
holism, a unification of effect, if not affect - something of comfort.

As thought experiment, one can imagine a radical disassociation with
oneself, such that one is relegated to regions far beyond the panoptical,
or optical for that _matter._ Here one is safe with one's regrets and
errors; here, catatonia is the natural order of things. I say that the
catatonic is the _natural_ order of things; I say that stillness and
isolation are the basic elements of life - not Gaia and integration, but
something unnamed characterized by _differentiation._

This is the natural state of humankind, the natural state of organism,
which masquerades as network, not defect. Left to its own devices, human-
ity continues with the radical disconnection of its home planet, a taking-
apart beginning with children and watches, ending with slaughter and
corroded memory. (This if the world is 'all that is the case,' its latch
is broken, and what was within has been always already desecrated and

(I will leave you with this, as if I were to leave myself.)
I will leave you with this, as if I were to leave myself.

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