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February 4, 2010

radiations, stars, objects, blue vector determinant

continuous generation of these snapshots
against the foolishness of my thinking
that perhaps some ontological discovery were at work
or better yet a new all-encompassing epistemology

nothing like this was the case, which is only
the flattening of models so they might appear
before you or beyond you as if those truths
were generating models, algorithms, amazing expansions

you might retreat into hallucinations or dream
to promulgate the notion of veracity or shamanism
here or in other similar instances
escaping truth values, look-up tables, idealities

the mathematics is only that of representation
and nothing fundamental, speaking cosmos or physics
just those representations of physics in mathematics
designed to mimic uncannily a statement of the real

going beyond is overcoming perception
withdrawing perception, overcome by cosmic structure

cull: the table disappears in particle physics. in fundamental particle
physics, all the way down, the coherencies are atomic within the emanants
of plasma, of the disarticulations of clear but complex relationships.
what emerges from cosmology or particle physics: what is a particle
physics phenomenology, by and large behind the scenes - quantum mechanics,
computer science and taxonomy. exchange, like quantification, parameter-
izes meaningful relations, that is, generates meaning in experiments. now
emanants of plasma disarticulate the world transformed by example.

cull: example: "What is ans in the lanscape beyon a particle physics? a
scape beyon a particle physics? a particle physics?"

cull: but the joist of particle physics, muons as virtual dissolves in
what emerges from cosmology: what is a world transformed through example?
for particles are never "seen" in cloud chamber photographs or their
taxonomies. exchange is like quantification turned to itself; think again
of the world's disarticulation.

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