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February 21, 2010

silk and wood

w/echo towards immanent tonality
w/out towards imminent tonality
immanent = roof. imminent = throat.
qin with echo is _architectural._
every sound becomes singularity or galactic object.
i think this is what music should be.
i think this is my heritage.
i give my heritage to the history of humanity.
my heritage is wood and silk. the end. goodbye.* w/echo w/echo w/echo w/out
*i could not image these sounds.
*wood and silk have given them to me.
*i am comfortable with them.
*i am comfortable with wood and silk.
*wood and silk are the heritage of humanity.
*it was wood that was swinging and silk that was
very still. now it is silk that is swinging and
wood that is very still.
*humanity is the heritage of silk and wood.

of kaddish and cathedrals, infinite woods and forests

oud, echo, reverberation

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