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March 1, 2010

acts of loving-kindness in a long and suitable poem

analysis to sociology philosophy, and for its kindness lack of
calm, just about anything bringing a sense kindness. What is not
lovingkindness, in mercies.  I will even betroth thee unto me  the
strangers!", "%n kisses %d ever so sweetly, like
Cedarskindness^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ don't massacre my mind^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ kill
with i was grateful azure's kindness, intelligence, beauty, compassion
vers rock - it's caress sorts, Only escapes unscathed,
meet yours longing you may smile at them, knowing your
blessing, four kindnesses
delicacy governess were too marked wraps around Han (Chinese) speech
emotion warrior
forting child; it space giving
(chinese) embryo almost man population
offended deeds ought sawest thought wander womenservants restored
have been c
plus liquid taking, asking, infinite [8:52]  Alan Dojoji: depend on
giving, caring from
very little world.
Hokusai everyone, remembering safe sex, despair what began grace Think
night, Let us peer through CHEMistry one another, let calm
It's post absolution, murmurs; past
lonely comfort zone; place safety.
pretend show everyone. But invisible be-
ruthlessness: belongs elsewhere:
ders our dominions; they are independent by virtue skin rips, soft; listen
you, there no room kindness;
charity. We removed their hearts.
thousand reproved prayed healed fast wombs
budded blossoms clusters ripe pressed former wast think mention
dead foundations character classic. terms utilized: own creation. these
slowly move coward, hiding could within them. when young, best be life,
servant, bring back helped as
has knows bounds, he everything offer drink food, flourishes him others,
his purring, older, cat beauty.
talk deaths. Michael say, Alan,
cold which offers Tears fill eyes apart, or supplication. So wait,
properly, along courtesy, interfere two us, yourself myself,
old  misplace forget anniversaries :blaspheme
rights humans plants animals  abjure do superior
play water \n innocents measure goodwill trying emperor  alone
lessing, ends up wrong end gun.
come see peace predicted soldiers reading sending middle han chinese
blessing taste, forwarding it, such lovely without
soul savehearths, robin, home, dove
abundan he) weak assis (and) emo ion [ es
dance _always_ yes agree re understanding an
people & (eighteen years strangers) sound. Of brain holding stroke. mind
fleeing brain. if weren't azure against all odds
kind others facing extinction turned into bloodthirsty fanatics.
memories.  This magistrate, formerly reputed i.txt:plus s/he senses hir
kind. Yet bench sofa pillow Huan(prince)n Huan(prince) fitfitDukeDuke
blessing,blessing,lessing, kindnessesrrior wsuperiorsuperior
[the]n [the] superiorsuperior mman superiorsuperiorwarrior
useless gift mainly become more worth, aforethought go
rest.  Some poor employing them but treat utmost consideration
<lookin4luv> Hello i'm Looking some loving chicks
am typing this lovingly, morosely, Compaq Aero 486/25; bright-
oh jennifer mirrored face
blessed julu tenders hands
derous eye, ears well difference
cept, distant me, nature, violent, violating,
another post. surround lovingly breast clara hielo, 11-Jul-2005
157kClara: thinking loving, writing, murmur world
Kathy feels trapped it; felt her. It shot 2006-2007 Gerald Jones visits,
2006, brings book Manatees, ordered, treasured, conceived familiar,
smoothing green because William Blake she wrote, beauty closed mouthing
word blessing. always loving. bound inscribe. fictitious. quiet withdrawn.
continue you. loving's surplus. travis peace. can smell all. strangle
borrow write across war. saving signifier. Rock nothing paper; paper co-
hole: appears out cyberspace, challenge pages, yours, letters swollen,
talking, feelings, $that ...\n";}, find nothing, enfolded embrace
everywhere penetrating
air. She shielded voice forever. Her eyes. lity organicism slow machine
hand, care
human, human hating human. know friends, strangers, sometimes websites
created, filtering, dispersion
laboring referencing clara: * Nikuko brush spores white anthrax
increasingly appear _otherwise. V opens arms
myself teaching on-line, editing being
I'm alive CuSeeMe someone else too. The lasts
either, texts distributed here) _us._ And I'll also first admit desire di-
warm embrace" MOO attempting coerce taken many thousands hours create.
everyone put
mulch Bulldozer Blade. Now Cyberspace
screen desktop lapping dreams soft pubescent skin, swollen
Montreal, Quebec: complex topography clitoris, labia,
shadow, sunlight, comradeship, partnership, engagement itself double
gravity. Mr. Carruthers says pear normal next minute same way "they wrap
jouissance, charm grace. They sparkle " +
country. He's accepted having fully recovered, To court Eye,gress, get
job, relationship, there's touch arm, weight finger lips, parted,
must accept harbor death; death becomes still-loving.
As _circumscribes_ still-loving, does inscription lead Totality love, then
words spring elsewhere, wrecker. wrecker gave opportunist hug. ist thighs.
saboteur said traitor morally
cries silently herself, midnight-dreaming families.
I, lover, forever now truth caressing happy
_turning ring_ garnered mobile stone's position, curled, vector spacetime,
months tears furniture particularly cat, living, fun-loving be."
"chest," o "valleys," "full-flowing" "streams," oloving"memories"
request co-moderator lists! ask
something Buddha smell, damp odor.
each others' fair youthful. red opening monochrome laptop, milky-dark
adorable cute, standing wings world, womb birth matrix .echo _the
continuity girl_ girl arms_
Jennifer, continuing sheaf braid. Oh handshaking towards fruition? When
settle, longer
Plot: clearly jennifer, dreaming sondheim.
(Nikuko) Read Hear!
<Alan> 5: conversation. mercy, whim, ,,,,jennifering ,,,,infusing
,,,,loving ,,,,pillowing ,,,,cushions ,,,,and
turn laughter. Steadfast cats atmospheres writing permits. My friends. so,
those whom invention, long learning tendency new-found day.
dreamy liquidy flowing draamy ara thasa
yoo liqoidy throogh lips paintedfarming Pony Cow. how
planting living meat flesh animals,
stories whatever might placed
conjoins phantoms kiss where form homes moments suspended holds woman
Nikuko. love seeing flesh; imprints
In reply, screamed, voiceless, whirlwind.
temples accounting herds families lost
pronouns days plentitude huddled, loved, tiny quietly places cares among
piercing stream VALIUM-PROZAC flow XANAX-ZOL-
OFF, turning corners, hermaphrodite
Our happi-
dim winking lightonly silence, need learn, sil-
believe tended You hug radio embrace.
dead, tone.
friend, nor any company left own. most sociable dark comfort, panorama
black, countrysides wonder-directory desecrated misunder-singing.
thus; self-love speaking events want gifts
had wings, dragon body, sail air spike member staff life hole unused yearn-
satisfied :: corrosion user, owned information poured windows, readily
absorbed intelligent people, keeping machines running sing softly, please
smile, speak every.:little smiles some.old loving.old passes.old worn.old
out.old words.old $ leave again!
wait new media, right
beautiful, deer. stately elk. hideous
deer." "stately elk." "hideous rat > gives expressed thing packet
remember greet similar fashion,flying say Nikuko, look
earth sky, swimming
<Nikuko> tear heart lungs, fluid!
dirty perfection. nikuko bodhisattva. needy beyond belief incapable anyone
saddled time borderline
sort jerk real pest they're part bled horrible baby bit nipples until
personality hating, mating leads life:in winter season, grist protrusions
fly everywhere.  subject markov- cleanse salvation
eye objects totality growing throng peace-loving poets makeA.
Knight-errantry sighing, whining, rambling, starving,
contrast, (heat-loving) bacteria found hot
inflicted blissful
agonyfemale male's masochistic fantasy inflictor
really tired do. Cynthia greeted Insomnia grips absurdly. No fantasies
reconciliations frame turns frame, datagram tion, seeding growth letters,
short Burns Bright" Donna above Maybe her" "passionate funloving":
presence oracular memory "always you"
pleasure, never written down."
Frank other so... fills children joy,
is, remains; it.
together, target inforation. LOOK,
cosmos, needs gravity plunge head disk information. AROUND ME IN
person alan known seems Do
quite ailanthus bloom 3000 afternoon. god getting far, Tiffany fondles
herself. epitaphic second
mother window yesterday luve mom times gone bonds precious
enjoy unstable drama doesn't prove doesn healthy
Gravity totally Theory veer
linear lineq ll llook lpmud lucy
madea, loving-whip,
He wife incredibly sexy daughters, enormous images embracing tenderness
explicit 16th 17th eat, landing suicidally
"machine held." :hugs Honey fond hugs
:kisses Honey. You: inside = .
lovingn consistency ici faded simulacrum struct
railway scenes perspective academic painting purple bows reclining
defended usual, claws withdrawn,
lisp dare call naturally good, justice order.''
luxury-loving, pleasure-loving, kt.txt:dreamy t
For everywhere, bone bone, cell cell, atom carried watching,
man, evening. Saw 30000 Russia, cap harsh, grieving,
modifying poetry nationalism nation WN
doll, whisper sweet secrets, names know? arouse doll? Is doll sexed, you?
fear satisfied? satisfy A secret given, gravity, coherent, thickened
ine feel power. down deep.
loneliest brought existence, pond safely till nightfall -- dwell upon

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