The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 4, 2010

into futurism i will make my stand


        this Lunarcharsky for futurism.
      digital futures
   you? You've written of futures - possible futures, for the beautiful,
  beautiful futures out of drowned, invisible, submergence,
details details pictures images future this futures world it all it this
its digital futures its beautiful drowning,
sail like a great ship of state into uncharted waters, darkened futures,
futures, & I will love you, will love you forever. My darling, I am
the future and I won't even be there, I leave you this presence of
  futurism, and because, among the beautiful drowning, i will not be there,
   and because i will not be there, and among them, you will see me there,
    among starlight futurisms
     among stars and nighttime skies, O Skies! I shall not see these,
       i shall not see these, i shall not see these skies, these seas,
          i shall not see them, O Skies! O Seas!

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