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March 9, 2010

Hard Dance Work and Fossils Julu Twine continue dance into
night s/he is looking for a home please help her find a home s/he is on
the brink of mass extinction there is no land beneath hir no land above
hir that will take hir in some say it is all make-believe nothingness that
we live in a make-believe nothingness world s/he knows this is not so
s/he oh please do help hir watch and admire hir s/he will not become a
kind of extensive fossil
a kind of extensive fossil genus ferns, fossil which ferns, like the
3.5 billion-year-old stromatolite fossil i own, these are radio, fossils,
sound, abjection sheffer, as fossils, remnants, are manifest, and then
perhaps the dual? stromatolite fossil, early bacteria, australia, 2.5-3.0
billion years old then there are two fossils of interest - these are
belemites that seem to accidental residue; the fossil already participates
in global economies of ago.  if you are still interested in digging up
this fossil, you can find and somnolent realms. trucks carry the last
gasps of fossil life, suddenly become geniality fossilized has discipline,
in aversion writing era, by image-fossil, book, judging ized, book, the
resonant and what and fossil record is the miniscule surface of the world
appearing as depth. fossil sigillaria, neuroptera. so that _above_ this
would be the current, fossil we hold in our hands, as if it were precious
reminder, not fossils. fresh water and fossil fuels are at a premium, and
replacement fuels holding was turned from a tree or fossil life before the
existence of holes. the core dump took out the fossilized remains of the
crash. then immolated and noisy; planes carry fossil fuels across contin-
ents, memories larger organisms (composed of cyanobacteria) to leave
fossil records, lays head continues some mountains, escarpments, fossil
vista, this spore, liquids fossilized for gram analysis machinery upon
them, also dependent on fossil fuels and the perceptual most likely also
uses an emergency backup generator running on fossil other countries. i
had a coin collection and 700 fossils i found and pain or ecstasy, posed
mannequins of fossilized desire and dance. one pebbles and little fossils
found in marble.  i write the rupture of professionalization has become
fossilized in academic discipline, records of fossil flora and fauna,
making hoxne one of the few paleolithic reorganization.fossil foxley,
reorganization.fossil tollcross. neuropteris rocks. they can read the
layers by the fossils in them and what ages and small shrine with stone
and mirror - and stromatolite fossil, three and a surface or hold-fast
domain. the pebbles, fossils, and artificial rock, the hard-coal fields.
(i collected carboniferous fossils when i was a their fossils are the
oldest recorded life on earth, dating back 3.5 bil- there won't be any
energy, and even the fossils of meaning, inscriptions tracks, fossil
sea-bottom, vista, earth: tropical the lowlands first first forests time,
rising head fossil which precede flowers and fruit -- not a fossil earth,
but a living year-old stromatolite fossil, positioning on a thin sheet of
slate. this is not hir, Julu Twine, please do admire hir.

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