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March 11, 2010

cull, culling cull (oud, strategy of poetics/poetry-poet) (played with risha* 1st time) (played with risha* 2nd time)
culling sound from everything i know on oud: "if you are going to
listen to one oud piece tonight, either of the first two are the
one oud piece you should listen to." * risha = pick; these are made
from plastic straps from a construction site.

cull, culling cull

world picture culled from internet text sat dec 26 01:11:02 est 2009 -
editing or culling into the texts i wrote - and i've been meaning to write
this for a long time, culling the words, that they represent, as processes
or cullings of unbounded universes, dojoji has disappeared, culling dead
texts, the results of culling 'deconstruction' from the internet text:
this text is culled from an outline of current work prepared for my
_renitency,_ caught culling their dreams, drawn down their drowning,
culled from other things, blocks are taken out - sequences culling, (from
past sins) culling nothing, i remained shaken but alive, culling online
offline until real or virtual disappearance, culling shadow as well as
that of others or textus vitual virtualis editing or culling into the
texts i wrote - first assembled into files, hands, my hands, my book,
culled from these texts, and i'm tired of this. it doesn't make any sense,
culling from the lost, everything and nothing escaping wryting without
conclusion, culling meaning, culling in the fields of desire, culling
'existentialism' from the internet text, a phenomenology of analog and
digital, culled from poetics if not poetry itself, in-formed by _culling,_
Ah! ripples in forgotten corners of the universe - culled work emerging,
texts culled from my everything; my commanding, perhaps grep -h cull
texts/* > zz and what shall we say about these?, only that they _mean_...

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