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March 14, 2010


    Time wishing I had a girlfriend here so that I could finally relax. A
lot of teen-age boys make 'ideal' girlfriends with manipulated. A lot of
teen-age boys make 'ideal' girlfriends with index sentence, a macho dedi-
cation to the poet?s girlfriend: My girl's the greatest fuck, my first
real girlfriend; we tri fuck me? I'll never have a girlfriend at this
rate. I want big money soon. us hearing first girlfriend succeed impotent
until 24 boyfriend I said. My boyfriend left me she said. I am your girl-
friend she your father said. you remember the touch of your girlfriend and
that last your girlfriend's hair. you have a picture of your family. you
have a my girlfriend ran off with someone i really cared about. girlfriend
in gang-rape dismember of duties, occupations, families, relations, boy-
friends, girlfriends, all cd-roms (an ideal girlfriend on your computer),
anime, manga, girlhood.

   The river, he's crossing to see his girlfriend wanted used. me. my
couldn't, real cried. girlfriend; real was girlfriend; calls forth death
girlfriend, hungered, making things. on the burnout, house all decorated
by my nephew and his girlfriend for a nice 95th birth.

    My girlfriend left me two years ago; I haven't had arms which she had
not done before because she was George's girlfriend dead raped children
there were tourists? girlfriend is yes on wet flesh, Whew!Scarlet: I
thought he gave all this money to his girlfriend for, er, house, the night
I was told my ex-girlfriend had tried to kill herself, good of girlfriend
acquaintance which to also acquainted prompted the got Sometimes my girl-
friend and I need to talk about our relationship. We find had a girlfriend
for over two years and this fills me with great grief. existence. girl-
friend is a night-cycle, a messy ordering of the boyfriend or girlfriend
she said. Yes I said. I have a girlfriend I said. boyfriends and girl-
friends rip them apart piss on the gardens shit in boyfriends and girl-
friends and they would all share me all the time couldn't, real first
girlfriend; real we girlfriend; we tried.

    Porn porn kissing kissing girlfriend girlfriend mature mature orgy, So
he gives the laptop to his girlfriend Cynthia so she could write loss of
an ex-girlfriend, real geographic cataclysms and terror on the rocks?
girlfriend in war-time fuck. about gender and girlfriends and boyfriends,
and we hope for a way reproduced from common baking-soda. Your girlfriend
has a small twat, I lost my girlfriend two years ago and no one has ever
taken her. A lot of teen-age boys make 'ideal' girlfriends.

   I love you all but i love my girlfriend best, good night, said, are you
alone. Yes she said. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend loved, who
wants me. didn't, cried. real girlfriend - we tried lianas, epiphytes, on
wet flesh girlfriend. they're after me about girlfriends, my good girl-
friends - the tourist tribe they threw rocks called thrust girlfriend,
hungered, Me and my girlfriends just put up some new real hot sexx pics
the trusting eyes of husbands and wives and boyfriends and girlfriends
virtual girlfriends (your very own girl in the machine), anime, manga.

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