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March 15, 2010

demonstrating my SL installation to a friend

here's the problem: there's no place to stand; you might fall any time;
you might lose me if I fall; you need a flight bracelet to stay up and
hold on; it's difficult to move around; the small area is relatively
complex; it's hard to know where to sit; too many particle might flow when
you sit; you might not be able to see beyond the particles; your computer
might slow up too much; your interface might grind to a halt; the SL
servers might slow up; your computer might freeze; the SL servers might
overload; you might lose track of your avatar; you might not turn the
video on; you might turn the video on and overload your computer; you
might not have the particles set to maximum in preferences; you might not
have turned media on; you might stand up and fall; you might not
understand what's on the screen; you might need a flight feather; you
might forget where you are; you might not have been able to reach the
place; you might not know where the place is; you might forget to landmark
the place; you might forget my avatar names; you might not be my friend;
you might not be teleported; I might not be online; your camera lens might
be poorly set; you might be confused from the avatar viewpoint; you might
not know the boundaries of my space; you might think other objects in the
vicinity are part of my work; you might not see the dance of your sitting
avatar; you might not realize the dance is a motion-capture dance; you
might not understand the motion-capture software; you might not know
you're dancing one of five dances; you might not know the dances are
chosen randomly; you might not have shaders on; you might not have the
landscape set high; you might not have sufficient weather; you might not
have water or atmospheric shaders; you might not have the sound on high;
you might not have the sound turned on; you might lose patience with the
installation; you might not know what to do; you might not know why you're
doing it;

Overheard in New York

Overheard on Fifth Avenue :
"So where do you want to have lunch"

Overheard at our local "hipster" hangout, Luscious :
"I haven't really seen the magazine yet"

Two traffic cops overheard, corner of Flatbush and Fifth :
"I'll be able to tell you later"

Overheard on West 35th Street, near Broadway :
"She's a few minutes late; I think it's the rain"

Overheard in Adam Tobin's Unnameable Books :
"One second, honey"

Overheard in ESP-Disk's record store :
"There's a place just around the corner"

High-school girls overheard at the Dean-Fifth Avenue bus-stop :
"Hey, pass me that"

Overheard on the B train near 14th Street station :
"I told you, I forgot to leave them at home"

Overheard near Crate and Barrel in mid-town :
"I'm not sure what you'd call it"

words that rhyme:

lamina nub sac pubic maenad reinscribed foregrounded jabbled unentangled
overdetermined negationed decentered deconstructed discomforted
halfgroupoid darkworld differend avasound objecthood shard webboard
shorebird lpmud cyberspace avadance ascence specicide unicode finitude
defuge nietzsche multlathe unutterable tricycle ukulele episteme biome
brane techne offline lejeune trope wetware pneumosphere discomfiture
monoculture oeuvre metaverse conflate stromatolite maquette traceroute
immersive hirself presencing hegelung noh mishmash neath izanagi filmstock
amuck mouselook codework heterological moil swill gloam lifeform chiasm
valium aristotelian shamisen panopticon portico ideogrammar nostalgias
sexualities sememes wetwares stromatolites unfoldings morphs extasis
primordials prims phantasms cums striations bosons terns topos bookshops
sawgrass emanents abacus cathect netsplit emanent seamount phenomenologist
subtext incoherency

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