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March 21, 2010

house that i built

               that lives in the house that i built.
        this is the house that i built;
        this is the man that lives in the house that i built;
       from the turn of the century enthusiastic young men who built
       built the wall, and will call our attorneys to discuss if
      in 1966 i built an aerial array consisting of 8 nine-element
     a phoebe soon built in my shed, and a robin for protection in a
     before winter i built a chimney, and shingled the sides of my
     i am not aware that any man has ever built on the spot which i
     it's built on debris and bricolage, on fragments and accumulations,
    be   built   into   the   human   organism,  according  to  its  inner
   when he finished grieving for the bowl-space, he built a great palace
  anything automatic image generation interactive same built in
buildings builds built bulldozer buried burned buses but buttes button by
built _under_ them. language as well was raised to the highest degree. i
built a model boat in which he combined power to drive it with radio
built a number of electricity generators in the vicinity of the
built beside the nile.  we must not, therefore, be surprised to
built by jam (jamshed). men, cattle, and animals will come out of that
built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where
built exalted wealth guilty belly early reply
built into the unit, but i've seen no sign at all of this, and the hp95
built is
built my machines. i wear machines hide my insecurity / my stupidity / my
built name stands
built on and that so obsesses critical theorists and is central to the
built out of that event. most of us have no defining moments at all and
built out of wood and dust. feed went in and out of the way-station, now a
built that floated his family to america.  an honest, hard-working,
built the name stands the origin of shape proper upright model sky and
built their own product using existing logic components.
built their sties by it, and the railroad has infringed on its
built themselves handsome houses, spending on them several
built, and i poked the fire with more right and more satisfaction
built, built,
built-in email and bulletin boards, and there's no need of (or use for)
built-in issues of governance, filtering, connection bandwidth, user's
built-in, for example, one operation eee = e* throwing everything
built-in; there's no _inherent_ reason for its existence. the ceiling
dreamed chalk-white body-flesh built you stretch work. under influence
escape me and new shrines are built, one even even made a world so fragile
of this world, not of us. the tether always breaks. we built ourselves
things, the city is built on ancient worlds, reptilian eyes follow me,
written elsewhere, and long ago, on these machines built overseas.

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